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Everyone loves to have whiter teeth. But how do you keep that beautiful smile of yours? For more information about teeth whitening, call us today on (07) 3852 1160 or book your appointment at


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Dentist Brisbane Tips: 7 Foods That Can Ruin Healthy White Teeth

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Everyone loves to have whiter teeth. It really feels good to smile with shining pearly whites. PrecisionDentistry

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But how do you keep that beautiful white smile of yours PrecisionDentistry

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Since people have different hair and skin colour they also have different shades of teeth PrecisionDentistry

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Some teeth are yellowish compare to others whereas others could yellow due to aging PrecisionDentistry

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The colour of your teeth can be highly affected with various factors concerning your lifestyle PrecisionDentistry

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Maintaining your white teeth is not that easy as you will need to be conscious of what you eat and drink PrecisionDentistry

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Here is the list of 7 foods you should be aware of before taking the irst sip or bite: PrecisionDentistry

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1. Black Coffee The tooth’s outer layer is very porous thus the colour of black coffee is more likely to stay there PrecisionDentistry

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2. Tea Tea has a teeth- stainer called “tannins” PrecisionDentistry

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3. Red Wine This one’s good for the heart but not for your smile PrecisionDentistry

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4. Chocolate With its colour alone dentist usually would advice you to avoid too much chocolate cravings PrecisionDentistry

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5. Blueberries The juice and skin of the fruit has a natural semi- permanent dye PrecisionDentistry

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6. Cola Colas are not just unhealthy they also contain horrible staining colour PrecisionDentistry

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7. Fruit Punch This fruit highly stains a white shirt how much more with your pearly whites PrecisionDentistry

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Having whiter teeth makes a great difference. And here at Precision Dental we will help you achieve exceptional beautiful white smile. PrecisionDentistry

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For further information about teeth whitening contact us today PrecisionDentistry

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FREE Cosmetic Consultation Guaranteed Same Day Emergency Appointment PrecisionDentistry

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S13 HQ South Tower 520 Wickham St Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 we are located at

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PrecisionDentistry book your appointment online at

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07 3852 1160 call us on

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