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Precise India is a pioneer Motor Control Center MCC PANEL Manufacturer & Supplier based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


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1 Pioneer Manufacturer of Range of MCC Panel TO More information about MCC Panel, Log on to


2 Precise India based Ahmedabad which is industrial hub of State of Gujarat is a leading manufacturer, supplier, trader, distributor, service provider of a wide range of Electrical Control Panel like PCC Panel, MCC PANEL,APFC PANEL,PLC Control Panel , Extrusion Machine Panel as well as supplier of quality AC Drive, AC Servo Drive , HMI ,PLC etc. Precise India now focusing on all businesses related to the field of industrial automation across all industries including retrofit jobs, manufacturing, trading and supplying its own industrial control panels and providing after sales & technical services for all its products/ industrial projects. Our expertise covers the broad spectrum of industrial automation products like- sensors, AC/DC Drives, Servo Drives, PLC, HMI. Precise india offers inexpensive automation solutions built around the products manufactured by its partners. Our sales team is effectively trained & proficient to offer technical advice and solutions for various industrial automation requirements. Precise has strategic alliance with the following manufacturers for sales/service of their products/projects DANFOSS, VACON and SIEMENS . Our sales team is backed up by a motivated service department trained and equipped to handle the most demanding situations and customers we provide on-site support to every nook and corner of india . 1. About Precise India More information about MCC Panel, Log on to


3 2. What is MCC Panel? MCC panel is know as Motor Control Center MCC PANEL too. The Principal function of MCC Panel is to regulate the start & stop function of given Electrical motor. Besides, MCC panel safeguard electrical motor from a substantive damaged caused due to overload. It is type of electrical Panel. More information about MCC Panel, Log on to


4 3. Application of MCC Panel in Industries MCC Panel are widely used in the various state of the art industries like Water pumps Processing units Heavy machinery Industrial equipment Automotive industry Medical & office equipment Electronics and telecommunications. More information about MCC Panel, Log on to


5 4 . Basic Architecture of MCC Panel Our MCC Panel architecture is designed as per the latest applicable electrical engineering standards to suit various industrial needs. The basic architecture of MCC Panel consists of feeders for motors and blowers. Feeders are designed rendering to the electrical motor rating. In most of the MCC Panel, we offer provision of both auto & manual mode. With manual provision motors can be operated manually. In auto provision, external signal (like Sensor feedback) is required to start the motor. The signal is given by control panel. Indicators for the motor operation also will be present in control panel. In addition, there is also a provision in our MCC Panel to operate it from local, remote or DCS as per need. Considering the various applicable safety standard, common protection are inbuilt in our MCC panel , which guarantee the safety against the over load, short circuit, single phasing. We do provide the add on feature like Earth Fault, Reverser Power, Under Load, Over & Under Voltage upon the request. We also manufacture the intelligent MCC Panel which can communicate with PLC (Programmable logic controller), SCADA systems. More information about MCC Panel, Log on to


6 5 Technical Specification: Particular Specification Type MCC Panel – Full drawn Rated insulation voltage 660V 50 HZ Rated operated voltage 415 V Rated Operated Frequency 50 HZ Rated current Main horizontal busbar 400A to 3000A, vertical riser 600A Short circuit strength 50 KA RMS for 1sec with 1 sec with a peak current of 105KA Ambient temperature Design Ambient temperature. Standard 40°C Operated 45°C & 50°C Protection grade IP 52, IP 54 as IS 13947 Panel Size As per the specification vary More information about MCC Panel, Log on to


7 6 Variety of MCC Panel: Customer can avail wide diversity of MCC panel where application demands control and actualize performance of particular electric motor. And these varieties are as below: Fully Draw Out Non Draw Out Type Compartmentalized Non Compartmentalized Single Front Double Front Operated” More information about MCC Panel, Log on to


8 6. Contact us Precise india 16-Gajanand Industrial Park , Near Vatva Railway, Over bridge, Vatva GIDC , Ahmedabad-382445 Gujarat india E-mail: Website: Contact Person: Mr.Nikuj Gajjar Cell No: +919726096729



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