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Seminar On Drug Interactions : 

Seminar On Drug Interactions Submitted by: Vasudha Abbhi Submitted to: Dr. Ravi Shanbhogue


CONTENTS Introduction Objective Definition Mechanisms: Pharmacokinetics drug interactions Pharmacodynamic drug interactions Significance


INTRODUCTION Alteration of pharmacological effect FACTORS RESPONSIBLE: Polypharmacy Multiple physicians Concurrent use of drugs Drug abuse


OBJECTIVE Safe Drug Therapy

Drug interactions : 

Drug interactions Modification of effect. Commonly involved drugs: Warfarin, phenytoin Digoxin, oral contraceptives etc. Sites and mechanisms: Invitro interactions Invivo interactions: Pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic

Pharmacokinetic interactions : 

Pharmacokinetic interactions Altered ADME Interaction during absorption Interaction during distribution Interaction during metabolism Interaction during excretion

Absorption : 

Absorption In the gut: Tetracycline + calcium salts GIT motility- anticholinergics pH- antacids Gut flora- antimicrobials

Distribution : 


Metabolism : 

Metabolism Enzyme inducer Phenytoin Enzyme inhibitor chloramphenicol

Excretion : 


Pharmacodynamic interactions : 

Pharmacodynamic interactions

Significance : 

Significance Measurable precautions

Refrences : 

Refrences Essentials of pharmacology- V.N. Sharma Pg no. 40-43 Textbook of medical pharmacology- Padmaja Udaykumar Pg no. 51-53 Goodman and Gilmans Pg no. 1739-1740



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