Tips for a Memorable Baptism

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Buy fine workmanship and detail for your baby's Christening day. Our goal is to make lasting memories with the perfect Christening gown. Make your baby's Christening more memorable with a beautiful personalized Christening gown from Precious&Few.


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Tips for a Memorable Baptism Involve the family members who have taken part in this very special moment. Parents grandparents aunts and uncles love to help make the selection. Sometimes they make the Christening Gown a gift to the baby. Choose the fabric to reflect your style. Linen is a fabric used for centuries for important occasions. The choice may reflect national origin or it can be a great selection for warm climates. Silk is often considered the fabric of royalty. It’s used for dressy or formal occasions. In either case both fabrics are graceful and lovely Personalize your gown In pink blue white or ivory a monogram adds a special touch. In the past monograms were used to mark an item of great importance. Honor your family traditions and take lots of pictures to capture the importance of the day and all of the moments you want to remember. In the future it will mean a lot to tell your child the story.

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And finally save your gown for its keepsake value. These are the items that bring continuity to each generation. They help link-us-together moment by moment and supply something to hold onto in changing times. Someday it will be fun to look back at your heirloom and reflect on the importance of the day. It’s all outlined on our website Most of all enjoy the preparations and the Christening Day It will fly by all too soon For more information visit: or Contact Precious Few 718.492.0283

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