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Fleet Management System redefined by us in India to lead India globally as by this one can increase the efficiency and productivity of the transport /routine operations which tends to increase in profitability


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I really liked this technology that how a tracker works. This is amazing that we can track our vehicles around the glob at any place where you have facility of internet or telephonic.

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About Trackon : 

About Trackon Trackon Telematics Pvt. Ltd, is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company into software application and development. The focus area is Geospatial and Telemetric CUSTOMIZED solutions based products and services as per the need of the client. Expertise is in the area of: M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions GIS Security and Surveillance solutions Firmware Development and Hardware Integration with GPS, GSM/GPRS & GIS based applications  Trackon has successfully executed projects for Survey of India, Cost Guards and various Corporate The company is currently pursuing opportunities in the field of Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management related applications in the transport and logistics sector

About Trackon : 

About Trackon Trackon has provides vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions to a variety of operations that include: Refrigerated Vans Taxi Services Liquid Cargo Tankers Crane Operators Logistics and Cargo operations School Bus operations Tours and Travels Media Warehouse operations

TRACKON FMS(Trackon Fleet Management Solution) : 

TRACKON FMS(Trackon Fleet Management Solution)

Fleet Operations : 

Fleet Operations Typical factors: Basic Issues like; location of vehicle, over-speeding and irresponsible driving, misuse of vehicle etc Efficiency issues like oil/fuel consumption, unnecessary stoppages on the way, routes taken, misreporting, violating a pre-defined route, use of AC, engine idling etc Security issues of the Vehicle itself and Passenger/Cargo Theft issues of the Vehicle itself and Cargo.

Questions for fleet owners/ Finance Co. : 

Questions for fleet owners/ Finance Co. So how will a vehicle tracking system improve your business? If you're the owner or Finance co. of multiple vehicles and are trying to determine whether or not a GPS-based fleet management system is right for your business, ask yourself the following questions: How can you be sure your vehicles are being productive, secure and theft proof and where they are each and every moment? How do you protect drivers and your reputation in the face of customer disputes, vehicle theft and accident claims associated with your fleet? Are your dispatchers sure drivers are taking the most efficient routes to their jobs? How long does it take for them to locate a particular vehicle? How do you currently measure and manage fleet safety? Are your drivers and vehicles as secure as they should be? How deeply are high fuel bills cutting into your bottom line each year? How deeply are insurance risks and costs cutting into your bottom line each year?

Inefficiency due to lack of information : 

Inefficiency due to lack of information Most of the above mentioned questions arise due to the following: Inefficient routing practices Wasted time on the job Excessive engine idling Speeding/reckless driving Inadequate security measures Inadequate record-keeping for vehicle maintenance Unnecessary overtime payments Time wasted searching for specific vehicles And most importantly, no on-line information of the vehicles

Why FMS : 

Why FMS Using FMS solutions helps address many issues like: Identify vehicles being used and misused during off-hours & when Measuring how long drivers are taking at each job or delivery or stop Revealing when inefficient routes are being used Accurately recording your vehicles' activities throughout the day (i.e., how long a truck was stopped at a point etc) Monitoring exact times that vehicles enter and leave key job sites Real-time knowledge of your entire fleet's location Full suite of reports that display the daily activity of each vehicle Detailed fleet records, accessible via the web or printed for permanent files Elimination of non-work-related stops at non-work-related sites Ability to track stolen vehicles and fastest recovery of the vehicle Reduce the risk of accidents by managing excessive speeding by drivers

Fleet Management System : 

Fleet Management System As continuous part of operations, fleet owners as well as Finance companies need to monitor and manage the movement of vehicles/assets to bring about efficiency of: Cost Time Delivery Safety And incase of theft, recovery These factors impact both the bottom-lines and the top-lines Fleet Management System (FMS), as the name suggests, is a management information tool for fleet owners that addresses issues and offers solutions for everyday operations

So what does Trackon FMS do for you : 

So what does Trackon FMS do for you Once the vehicle leaves your premises, Trackon FMS gives you; 1. Control to monitor its movement 24x7 2. Information from within the vehicle FMS application has in-built solutions to Track Vehicles for Location, Routes Taken, Distance Covered, Speeding, Temperature & Alerts etc FMS Empowers you with INFORMATION that you would have not know at all or learnt about later

How does Trackon FMS work : 

How does Trackon FMS work Trackon FMS uses state-of-the-art GPS and GSM based technology A palm sized Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU) is installed in the vehicle The vehicle when wired up shows up on a digital map and can be tracked on-line A user friendly, net based application/interface, is provided to the customer, to monitor vehicles and to generate various kinds of reports to analyze data The solution offers both proactive and reactive scope to manage fleet operations impacting cost and general efficiencies of fleet ops

Trackon Vehicle Tracking Units : 

Trackon Vehicle Tracking Units

Trackon FMS Architectrue : 

Trackon FMS Architectrue

Fleet Management At Your Finger Tips : 

Fleet Management At Your Finger Tips



Fleet View On Your PC : 

Fleet View On Your PC

Map View On Your PC : 

Map View On Your PC

Track on Map : 

Track on Map

Trip Replay of your vehicles : 

Trip Replay of your vehicles

Geofence your vehicles : 

Geofence your vehicles

Create your Points of Intereston the map : 

Create your Points of Intereston the map

Reports options : 

Reports options

Report Format options : 

Report Format options

Automated Reports in your mail box : 

Automated Reports in your mail box

SMS Alerts as you desirewhen you desire : 

SMS Alerts as you desirewhen you desire

Manage Fleet option : 

Manage Fleet option Manage your fleet better by creating multi Fleet Groups and sharing responsibility

Manage User option : 

Manage User option Share Fleet Group responsibility by creating Multi Groups of users

Preferences : 


Our Client Speak : 

Our Client Speak Nikai, Dubai “Now I have complete minute-to-minute visibility of my vehicles, allowing me to know exactly when my packages have been delivered. The results show that the efficiency and capacity utilisation of the entire fleet has increased by at least 20%.” Mr. Vikas Bansal, Nikai Reema Transport, Mumbai “All our Refrigerated Vans have the Trackon FMS solution installed, giving us and even our customers’ real time information of the temperature in the van and the whereabouts of the vehicle. This makes our customers rely on us to deliver their refrigerated and frozen goods, at the right temperature and at the right time, every time, thanks to Trackon.” Mr. Dilip Naik, MD, Reema Transport Swiss Cabs, Mumbai "We have installed over 200 tracking units in the Swiss Cabs Executive fleet, throughout India & apart from real time tracking of the movement of our vehicles, the resource utilisation & efficiency is up by 35% in one year, thanks to TRACKON FMS.” Mr. Amit Verma, Chairman. Swiss Group.

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