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Overview of the trade show marketing and PR process. How to get the most "bang for your buck" if exhibiting at a trade show. How to promote before, during, and after the event.


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TECHSPOSURE INDUSTRY ADVICE Twelve PR Tips for your Next Trade Show by Dave Costello, Principal, TechSposure Deploying Multiple PR Tactics Improves a Company's ROI for Costs Associated With Industry Events

Introduction : 

Introduction Previously, corporate director of public relations for Digital Consulting Institute. DCI was largest U.S. owned high-tech trade show company. During my tenure at DCI, I marketed, advertised, and provided PR support for a myriad of trade shows. I have seen the following initiatives work from my years in the field and from some of the largest tech companies in the world. Hopefully, you will find these to be helpful in support of your client, company, or organization.

Survey & Gather Intelligence : 

Survey & Gather Intelligence Speak to marketing manager, PR director, other event contacts to discover show opportunities Speaking engagements (seminars, panels, track sessions, tutorials, roundtables, product demos) Find out about awards, receptions, and events taking place Negotiate a deal for sponsorship opportunities such as booth size plus promotions

Formulate Campaign Strategy : 

Formulate Campaign Strategy PR strategy and action plan in place with event objective Schedule an announcement (new product offering if possible) and organize initiatives to support news Don’t just “show up” and let event come to you. Work the show! If you don’t have a product story, then develop another newsworthy topic to talk about

Pre-Event Exposure : 

Pre-Event Exposure Make sure you’re included in all pre-event marketing: brochure, email marketing, postcards, letters, Web site, social media, press releases, media advisories, advertisements, online opportunities, communities

On-Site Exposure : 

On-Site Exposure Verify you’re included in all marketing and PR collateral at the event: show guide, show dailies, press releases, press tip sheets, signage, banners, online events, Web site, show press kit Have company biography, corporate contact information with links, background information, and photos included

Press Lists : 

Press Lists Try to get all the press lists (negotiate with exhibit sales person if needed) —invited press, pre-registered press, press from last year, and attending press Work the press list before the event to set-up meetings and calls with press and analysts on-site at the event –do the same afterwards.

Press Meetings : 

Press Meetings Schedule appointments with local press who aren’t attending Contact industry press outside of local venue who can’t attend Issue a press release over the wire from the show—many free or low-cost wire service offerings are available to take advantage of these days

Customer Case Study : 

Customer Case Study Connect with a customer and offer to present a joint case study at the event Case study can be used for other PR opportunities such as an editorial case study or marketing case study Videotape the presentation and broadcast it as a case study on multiple video outlets

Free Giveaway : 

Free Giveaway Offer free giveaway that is useful and cost efficient (white paper, eBook, free audit, etc.) and promote it thru the event marketing, PR channels, and social media Offer a discount or added service from the show and use that message to deliver traffic to the booth or to set-up calls with prospects who couldn’t attend

Consumer or Business Hooks : 

Consumer or Business Hooks Develop local consumer and business hooks for local media, even if your message is technology

Leverage Social Media : 

Leverage Social Media Broadcast live from the show thru social media channels: (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Scribd) Deploy appropriate content with each channel (video, audio, show tips learned, photos with captions, presentations, and documents) Take a unique photo from the trade show and add a creative caption and lead in, and you’ve got a nice product asset to promote via social media

Repurpose Presentation-SM Part 2 : 

Repurpose Presentation-SM Part 2 Take your existing show content such as your speaker’s presentation or booth presentation—turn this into an article and promote that thru PR and social media channels Take the presentation and post it on StumbleUpon and Scribd. Take the presentation and add some audio to it and upload it on YouTube

Press Room : 

Press Room Determine what offerings are available in the press room and try to get exposure there Make sure your press kit is complete and distributed in room Make your press kit available online in your company press room and an online press kit service

Work the Show Floor : 

Work the Show Floor Catch up with press, analysts, and influencers while at the event and engage them in dialogue about your news activities Ask if they’d have interest in speaking with your spokesperson for a few minutes during the event about your news and what it means for their readers, viewers, followers, or listeners


CONTACT INFORMATION Facebook: TechSposure P.O. Box 71 LinkedIn: Dave Costello Lynnfield, Mass. Blog: PR Dialoguer 781-334-3283 Twitter: PR Dialoguer PR=Producing Revenue

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