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SIX SIGMA ? The original and technically correct spelling seems to be Six Sigma, rather than 6 Sigma Six Sigma is now a global brand and something of a revolution. But what is Six Sigma?...

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PROCESS IMPROVEMENT IN DETAIL Step 1 – Define PREPARE A PROBLEM STATEMENT What is wrong? What are the symptoms? How serious is the problem? How large is the problem?

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JACK WELCH BOB GALVIN The world’s greatest turnaround king Pioneered SIX SIGMA In 1995, GE found 35,000 DPMO. But its still the best compared to others. Impressed by ideas of Honeywell and Motorola, allocated huge sum of money for six sigma. Rated 3.5 sigma(in 1995 DPMO rates). “We didn’t invent six sigma…, we learnt it” -Jack Welch

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