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Smart Erp Software Companies In Chennai, India, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia

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INTRODUCTION   Enterprise resource planning or ERP software is a suite of applications that manages core business processes, such as sales, purchasing, accounting, Human Resource, customer support, CRM, inventory etc., It’s an integrated system as opposed to individual software designed specifically for any single business process.   Using a centralized system and database, ERP software helps businesses collect, store, manage and interpret data from various business units. Likewise, ERP is used to automate back-office tasks and streamline cross-departmental workflows. When optimized, the solution can drive efficiency, lower costs and increase profitability.  

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WHY ERP ? Beyond answering the question of what is ERP software , you should also know why you need it. The purpose of ERP software is to increase efficiency, streamline processes and promote a culture of collaboration within the organization. The result is costs are minimized and productivity increases leading to a better bottom line. Let’s break down the advantages of ERP software. 

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Increase efficiency Business processes like accounting, sales, marketing, production and inventory are integrated in one ERP platform. It’s easier to collect and access data across the organization, streamlining cross-departmental workflows. Likewise, ERP automates day-to-day tasks like manually entering data or generating reports. Repetitive processes are eliminated, freeing teams to focus on their core deliverables.

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For instance, marketing can run a daily web traffic report without bugging tech; or, accounting can instantly access the week’s sales stats without chasing the sales director. ERP also provides managers and key stakeholders with quick look-ups. Dashboards allow decision-makers to glance at key performance indicators across the organization. If they want to investigate more, managers can drill down to details in a few clicks.

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Promote collaboration ERP breaks down walls between departments. Data silos are integrated and a process superhighway links local workstations together. This setup allows teams that used to operate in a vacuum to easily collaborate with other teams inside the ERP platform . Moreover, Cloud enabled ERP further extends collaboration between remote teams and offices through the internet. Offshore business units are now within earshot of their parent unit. A culture of collaboration drives innovation and team spirit and, in general, makes businesses more competitive

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Accurate Forecasts The only worse thing about the lack of forecast is a wrong one. Forecasts shape strategies; thus, its crucial organizations get the real picture. Using a centralized database, ERP lends to a company’s disparate business solutions a standardized process, ultimately, enhancing data integrity . ERP reporting tools use advanced filters and analytics to sift data for inconsistencies. Features of ERP software like deduplication also ensures data is updated and duplicate-free. With data integrity intact, managers can generate reports with realistic forecasts. Similarly, estimates are within a sensible range of outcomes.

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Cost Benefits A company can also leverage ERP to cut down costs. When processes are streamlined and key metrics are closely monitored, disruptions, delays and breakdowns are anticipated or its impact better managed . Manufacturing and distribution are especially vulnerable to disruption. But with ERP allowing production, engineering, customer service and other business units to work closely together using real-time data, resolving sudden problems is faster. Operating costs are kept within budget .

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Data security ERP solutions have firewalls and restriction controls to guard against data breach. Having a single data warehouse means access points are tightly monitored and security is concentrated. Likewise, user permission rules give admin the flexibility to lock in sensitive data without limiting user access to other information. Admin can also quickly de-active access of terminated employees, while grant permission to new ones. ERP solutions also display user activities, so admin can easily spot unauthorized actions or suspicious activity patterns in the system.

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Comply with regulations INSCOMI can help organizations leverage ERP’s benefits in their respective business operations. Our solutions can help SME’s to large enterprises benefit from centralized and organized ERP software. Our Smart ERP solution can even provide you insights with predictive capabilities . Visit us at or write to us at and we would be very happy to connect with you and help you reap the benefits for ERP solution.

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INSCOMI TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT.LTD Address : NO: 1/694 - 87A, Valaiyapathi Salai, Mogappair East , Opposite ICICI Bank, Chennai , Tamil Nadu 600037 Mail : Mobile : +91 442556 6388   + 91 7904774990 Website :

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