Religious Knowledge Systems

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Religious Knowledge Systems:

Religious Knowledge Systems Sandra Xiong Somchit Xiong Prit Pratishma Prasad Jesus Garcia “There is only one religion, though there are a thousand different versions of it” –George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

What is Religion?:

What is Religion? Religion can be defined as: a.    belief in god b.    conviction in supernatural realities relevant to human well being c.     all of life d.    whatever gives meaning to life Religion is: broadly as the human quest for, experience of, and response to the holy or sacred.

Why is religion important?:

Why is religion important? Religion is important because it’s not only guiding people through life, but it is necessary for people to reflect on the meaning of life and what they really want out of life. Every religion teaches its followers to help people seek answers to many confusing questions, gain of peace mind, seek guidance through difficult times.

What practical problems can be solved by applying knowledge?:

What practical problems can be solved by applying knowledge? Identification A person’s religion is their identification of who they are, and what they believe in.

Show the connections between three Ways of Knowing:

Show the connections between three Ways of Knowing Language: Someone can convince a person to believe in a specific religion. Reason: It gives people a reason to do good deeds. Natural Sciences: Religious beliefs can’t be tested or observed because they’re just beliefs without scientific background.

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