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Research Scholar PRATIK DHARAMSHI Shri. Jagdish Prasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University, Jhunjhunu,Rajasthan Under the supervision of Dr. CHANDAN BORA Asst. Professor … people’s college..Nanded

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What is Advertising ? Description or presentation of a Product, idea or organization,in order to induce individuals to buy,support,or approve of it Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an Audience to purchase or take some Action upon Products or Services

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Why Do We Do Advertising ? Personal Selling is preferred, because it is so effective but, it is expensive sometimes to contact EVERYBODY this way Advertising is not as direct as Personal Selling, but you can reach a lot of people Advertising can help to create Awareness, build image and attitudes

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Types of advertising

The Benefits of Advertising : 

The Benefits of Advertising Advertising helps consumers decide what to buy Informs about the entry of new products Informs about new uses for existing products Advertising is good for the economy It is a huge industry It employs a lot of people Advertising helps in improving the standard of living

The Benefits of Advertising : 

The Benefits of Advertising Advertising is entertainment Many ads are: Funny Interesting Artistic Appealing in other ways

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Different Media of Advertising Television Radio Direct Mail Newspapers Internet Magazines Outdoor Adv Mobile M L M Print Media

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Media Advantages Disadvantages Newspapers Flexibility Short lifespan Community prestige Hasty reading Intense coverage Poor reproduction Magazines Selectivity Lack of flexibility Quality reproduction Long life Prestige associated with some magazines Extra services Television Great impact Temporary nature of Mass Coverage message Repetition High cost Flexibility Prestige Advantages and Disadvantages of the Various Advertising Media

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Media Advantages Disadvantages Radio Low cost Temporary nature of message Mobility Little research information Outdoor Quick communication of Brevity of the message Advertising simple ideas Repetition lack of selectivity Ability to promote products available for sale nearby Direct Mail Selectivity High cost per person Intense coverage Speed Dependence on quality of Flexibility of format Complete information mailing list Personalization Advantages and Disadvantages of the Various Advertising Media

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CREATIVE ADVERTISING Relevance Originality Impact

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When creating an Ad the idea should have Relevance to the target Audience This would Help to deliver the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time Creating An Ad –Basic Rules

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Idea is considered creative, When it is novel ,fresh,unexpected and unusual No one else has thought of it before

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An Adv with impact helps People see themselves or the world in a different way It has Stopping Power Save Girl Child Title: Parenting is by example Headline: Children learn fast. Don't fight at home

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“It’s Not Creative Unless It Sells.” Creative means dramatically showing how a product fulfills a consumer need. It can be as simple as casting the right actor or character for a brand. A unique demonstration of product superiority is creative. A memorable jingle.

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Be careful the execution does not subtract from the selling idea. Bad advertising can overwhelm the selling message. Movie stars and athletes continue to serve as substitutes for selling ideas. Great advertising: When the headline, visual and logo communicate the idea immediately.

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Create ads that make people say “Wow, I love that ad.” The real news is “Wow, I love that product. Creative advertising is really advertising that creates sales .

Stronger Advertising : 

Stronger Advertising Break the Pattern--Advertising that excites the eyes and ears, with a look and sound of its own. It separates from competing products.

Stronger Advertising : 

Stronger Advertising Creates an Identity. Use distinctive artwork, layouts, copy to enjoy higher readership. Break Through the Clutter. Break away. There’s a lot of competition. Don’t look like the competition.

Stronger Advertising : 

Stronger Advertising Position the Product Competitively and Clearly. Advertising must bring new meaning and importance to old and nonexclusive values. Plant Trees Don’t turn a blind eye to Accident victim

What has been learned? - : 

What has been learned? - If what you say isn’t that different, say it differently. A great ad is memorable. Competing for attention against other advertising, news, sports and entertainment.

What has been learned? : 

What has been learned? After you have produced the best product, packaged it brilliantly, priced it right, distributed it magnificently and positioned it competitively. You will have wasted all these great skills if the consumer doesn’t see or hear what you’re trying to sell.”

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What has been learned? : 

What has been learned? There can be no doubt that advertising today must be: More intrusive More imaginative More innovative than it has ever been before.

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