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MAYO CLINIC Building strong services brand Prepared by :- Prateek jain BITM,PUNE


Introduction Started more than 140 yrs ago in small ,isolated minnesota town ,with one mktg staff from 1986-1992. Leading health care brand in U.S First & largest integrated not for profit medical group Focused medical specialty experts &work together to care for patient. Three campuses- Rochester, Jacksonville, Scottsdale.

Service branding model:

Service branding model Organization's presented brand External brand communications Customer experience with organization Brand awareness Brand meaning Brand equity

Service branding model V/s Goods branding model:

Service branding model V/s Goods branding model Customers actual experience. Brands.

Mayo clinic : A big brand:

Mayo clinic : A big brand Delivering care worth talking about. Clinical capabilities. Clinical operational efficiency. Surgeries & science. Patient’s interest. Teamwork.

Mayo clinic model of care:

Mayo clinic model of care High quality Compassionate medical care Integrated academic institutions core elements :- Patients care The Mayo environment

Extending the brand carefully :

Extending the brand carefully Geographic extensions of Mayo clinic to Jacksonville (86) & Scottsdale (87). Transforming Mayo medical laboratories from regional to national.

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Publishing health information for the public.

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Protecting the brand Brand is registered & protected internationally External threat Internal threat Mayo clinic brand management guidelines

Mayo Clinic brand management guidelines :

Mayo Clinic brand management guidelines A product, service or relationship using the mayo or mayo clinic name must be owned by mayo clinic or be under mayo clinic’s full control . Use of the mayo clinic name solely to assure success or name recognition of a service , product or relationship is not appropriate . The Mayo clinic brand is not to be used in a manner that trivializes the name or institution . Agreements must be in place to enable mayo clinic brand management guidelines to be in force

Branding lessons:

Branding lessons Attend to organizational values. Play defense, not just offense. Turn customers into marketers. Brand equity is mainly decided by customer’s experience. Organizational presentation…….. Brand awareness.

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