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COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE LIES IN vast and unparalleled Domestic Network A spectrum of services to provide customized solutions Customs and Regulatory expertise Technology Air Network financial credibility People force


` Go Teach Teach Go Green Go Help Sustainability Initiatives

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Go Teach (Education) Blue dart association with Oasis India (NGO) started an initiative called "Blue Edge - Empowering Lives", which is aimed at enriching the lives of young adults from difficult environment, who have not been able to complete their education. providing training on English Speaking, Computer Skills, Life Skills and Customer Orientation

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Go Green (Environment) The main cause of Global Warming is emission of CO2. Blue Dart have fervently taken up various steps in this regard, to sum up as 'Go Green' initiatives : " Sapling plantation. " Mangrove Clean-up. " Recycling Waste. " Energy Conservation ( Eg . Power Saver: Lights Off Initiative) " Route Optimization

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Go Help (Disaster Management Response ) Blood Donation Drives support on Disasters Help a Child

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waybill Reference number Location Finder Transit Time Finder Price Finder

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TrackDart TM If you have shipped through Blue Dart, you will have received a copy of your Waybill. Each WAYBILL has a distinct number which can vary between 8 to 11 digits. To track your shipment As a regular customer of Blue Dart, you may have sent your shipment through an order number or a REFERENCE NUMBER , under instructions to Blue Dart to track the shipment in support of your management information needs. To track your shipment

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Location Finder The Location Finder provides you with information on locations serviced by Blue Dart. It also outlines the services available for each location and the contact details of the Blue Dart office Domestic Regional ( Bhutan and Nepal ) International

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Transit Time Finder The Transit Time Finder provides you with the delivery date for a selected service

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Price Finder The Price Finder helps you to calculate your shipping charges for your service type needs

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Domestic Priority Dart Apex(Air Package Express ) Smart Box Dart Surface line(Surface Express ) Temperature Control Logistics (TCL ) Airport-to-Airport Charters Interline Regional Services International Services

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Domestic Priority 1030 A guaranteed door-to-door time-definite delivery of shipments by air the next possible business day by 10:30 hours, targeted at time-critical business-to-business needs. This service comes with a money back guarantee . Dart Apex 1200 A guaranteed door-to-door time-definite delivery of commercial shipments by Air that require regulatory clearances and specialized handling on the next possible business day by 12:00hrs, targeted at time-critical business-to-business needs. This service comes with a money back guarantee Smart Box – is a convenient , economic, packaging units priced to include a door-to-door delivery service within India. The units come in 2 sizes, 10kgs and 25 kgs , and are designed to accommodate a variety of products. The special benefits of using Smart Box are A wide market reach, Speedy Delivery , Free pick-up ,Real-time Tracking,Regulatory Clearances,Proof of Delivery,Trouble Free Service

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Dart Surface line is an economical, door-to-door, ground distribution service to over 25,714 locations in India for shipments weighing 10 kgs and above. It offers a cost-effective logistics option for your less time-sensitive shipments Temperature Controlled Logistics. (TCL ) The innovative Temperature Controlled Solution ensures safe and compliant transport in frozen, chilled and ambient conditions. Using appropriate cooling mediums, the packaging performance delivers temperature for the range - 20°C, 2 - 8°C and 15 - 25°C for varying distribution times . Airport to Airport The airport-to-airport service is an air freight service available on the flights operated by Blue Dart Aviation between the airports of Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad Charters Charters are operated on an ad-hoc basis. Normally, charters have been used where timely delivery of sensitive equipment or large loads are required Interline Blue Dart Aviation operates the only domestic express airline in India, and operations are supported by an in-house ground-handling and maintenance capability, as well as bonded warehouses at all the on-line stations, and company-owned cargo handling assets. With qualified, professionally-trained personnel, Blue Dart Aviation is positioned to offer the most superior quality of service in the country today

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Regional Services Blue Dart offers the fastest, most reliable, door-to-door express deliveries for your documents and packages to countries in the SAARC region through Regional Priority . Documents ( RPDX ) Non-Documents (RPDT) The most dependable and secure delivery for non-dutiable, critical and important shipments such as legal documents and tenders . ast reliable and safe door deliveries for samples and non- commerical shipments . Currently available between India andNepal only. International Services The service offers access to 220 countries and territories worldwide and the extensive, quality network of Blue Dart and DHL.

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News box regulatory E commerce initiatives Logistics

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E-business Solutions InternetDart S hopTrack P ackTrack M obileDart S hipDart I mageDart

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InternetDart TM : Track on-line the status update of your shipments sent over the last 45 days. You may track by a range of dates, origin, destination, delivered or undelivered shipments or service used, on-line. You may generate a series of reports, at a pre-determined frequency, and sort the results on-line . ShopTrack TM provides an effortless, customised solution. Customers no longer have to leave the Portal site to track their purchases. They just need to enter the order-number of their purchase and the shipping and delivery details are displayed on the same page. The Portal can decide how to display the data elements and may even store them in their database.

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PackTrack TM : is an API (Applications Program Interface) designed for any client involved in logistics, distribution and inventory control. It has been designed to streamline and integrate shipping processes. PackTrack TM can be integrated into the client's systems and enables him to keep track of the entire distribution status of all his customers . These ebusiness tools, the first of their kind in the country, bring increased efficiencies to most B2C, B2B and C2C transactions . MobileDart TM : WAP works on any mobile phone or device which supports Wireless Application Protocol. Using MobileDart-WAP, the customer can check the current status of his shipments on-line by entering the waybill number customer can choose to receive delivery details by email or SMS.

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ShipDart ShipDart enables user control over the entire shipping and tracking processes. ShipDart needs to be installed at the customers premises in order to interface with their own system for the pre-shipping and post-tracking activities ImageDart ImageDart will enable users of Blue Dart's Apex (Air Package Express) and Surfaceline services to download Proof Of Delivery (POD) and Delivery Challans (DC) online, from the Blue Dart website

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MailDart TM T o know the status of the shipment upon delivery you only have to send a mail to with Single or Multiple Waybill numbers in `Subject' or in the text of the mail, each Waybill number separated by a comma. You will receive an automated reply giving you a Status Update of the shipment(s) upon delivery Billing The Bills and Payments tool enables credit customers to receive invoices online. You may view your outstandings and download and print the invoice. You have the option to pay on-line, either through internet banking or credit card . Schedule a pickup (only for registered users ) Schedule-a-pickup service allows you to register a pickup online for all services that require a door pickup.

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Stand-alone Tools COSMAT II Computerized On-line System for Management, Accounting and Tracking SMART TM Space Management Allocation Reservation and Tracking on the Blue Dart Aviation network CARESS TM online customer complaint- redressal system. Enables intelligence on every single customer complaint to enhance service excellence . SHIELD TM he powerful, online, security module that simplifies tracking of any security incident across the country.


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