Email Marketing Strategy


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Email Marketing Strategy:

Email Marketing Strategy

Strategy Elements:

Strategy Elements Business analysis Communication Opportunities Content building strategies List building strategies List Management Email Marketing Infrastructure Marketing Organization Develop budgets Implementation Support

Business Analysis:

Business Analysis Understand Business, Products, Services Customer profiling (Industries/segments, Decision makers, influencers) Organization structure Sales & Marketing organization Sales and Marketing processes Current Marketing initiatives – Conventional and Internet Marketin g

Communication Opportunities:

Communication Opportunities Derived from the Business Analysis Some Typical opportunities New product launches Special promotions, Events Periodic Newsletters (with pre-decided content categories) Purchase triggered emails Warranty renewal triggered emails Support triggered emails

Content Building Strategies:

Content Building Strategies Depending on communication opportunities, develop generic content for each type of opportunity Assign content generation to people in the organization Set up a mechanism for people to contribute content on an ongoing basis Build processes to ensure a smooth functioning of Email Marketing

List Building Strategies:

List Building Strategies A good list is critical for the success of Email Marketing initiatives Bought out and scraped lists are only for absolutely new businesses – and are very tricky. Your website and mail servers very likely to get blacklisted for spam Put in list building processes into the organizational functioning Lists can be build from many internal sources – Sales teams, your website, Purchase Invoices, Customer support requests and other divisions of the company. Without appropriate mechanisms and management commitment – you will never have a solid list

List Management:

List Management A central database of mailing lists is useful Larger multi-product, multi-service organizations can categorize their mailing lists by category Every new email id can be checked for validity before emailing At the end of every mailing, all bounced, suspect and unsubscribed must be scrupulously removed from the entire database Management processes must be defined and put in place to ensure that this functions smoothly

Email Marketing Infrastructure:

Email Marketing Infrastructure Outsource or build your own decisions Your own mail servers or rented smtp services Shared hosting or VPS Ensuring high IP and mail server reputation (if own infrastructure) to maximize delivery

Email Marketing Organization:

Email Marketing Organization Define marketing processes and assign responsibilities for: List building List management Content generation Newsletter creation Executing the campaign Analyzing campaign metrics Leads management

Develop budgets:

Develop budgets Budgets can be set after: Freezing on communication opportunities to be used Frequency of email marketing for each communication opportunity Factoring in allocated or additional manpower costs Estimation of email marketing infrastructure costs Estimates of Design costs

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