Addressing the obstacles and challenges to asean community

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Addressing the Obstacles and Challenges to ASEAN Community:

Addressing the Obstacles and Challenges to ASEAN Community Dr. Prapat Thepchatree Faculty of Political Science , Thammasat University

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Evolution Bangkok Declaration 1967 communism conflict resolution bargaining power economic benefits

Slide 3:

Bali Summit 1976 Bali Concord TAC PTA

Slide 4:

Singapore Summit 1992 AFTA ARF Bangkok Summit 1995 SEANWFZ SEA-10

Slide 5:

economic crisis 1997 delay AFTA no regional mechanism rich-poor gap lose bargaining power

Slide 6:

lose attractiveness market investment business

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Initiative for ASEAN Integration ( IAI ) Bali Summit 2003 ASEAN Community by 2020/2015

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ASEAN Economic Community single market and production base free flow of goods free flow of services free flow of investment freer flow of capital free flow of skilled labor

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ASEAN Political and Security Community political development shaping and sharing of norms conflict prevention conflict resolution peace-building

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ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community human development social welfare and protection social justice and rights environmental sustainability building ASEAN identity narrowing development gap

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Challenges democracy and human rights political development AICHR

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p olitical and security issues political conflicts border dispute distrust defense and military cooperation

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economic issues rich - poor gap economic competitor

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deeper integration FTA custom union common market economic union

Slide 15:

wider integration ASEAN as the core of regional architecture unipolar system multipolar system concert / G8 of Asia APEC / APC

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7 . common identity civilization culture ethnicity political system economic system

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8. structure elite organization ASEAN Charter weak charter purposes and principles organs dicision-making

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domestic politics foreign policy of member country 12. common policy

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Recommendations ASEAN as people – centered organization

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human rights mechanism : AICHR role on human rights protection flexible principle on non-interference responsibility to protect humanitarian intervention ASEAN Secretary-General civil society ASEAN court of human rights

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APSC trust building resolve political conflicts and border dispute strengthen defense and military cooperation mechanism to deal with transnational issues non- traditional security issues inter and intra state conflicts ASEAN peace-keeping force

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AEC comprehensive common market ( 4 freedoms ) free trade in goods free trade in services free flow of capital free movement of labor

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ASEAN economic union rich – poor gap economic partner

Slide 24:

wider integration ASEAN+3 East Asia Community

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ASEAN ASEAN+1 ASEAN+3 (East Asia Community) ASEAN+8 (East Asia Summit: EAS) ASEAN Regional Forum ASEAN as core regional architecture

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build ASEAN identity people and civil society’s participation in ASEAN amend ASEAN charter common policy

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