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Pyschographic segmentation:

Psychographic segmentation is one which uses people lifestyle, their activities, interests as well as opinions to define a market segment. Pyschographic segmentation


Lifestyle Activities, interests and opinions Perception Learning Motivation Attitude Memory Factors


Is a pattern of living that determines how people choose to spend their time, money, and energy and that reflects their values, tastes, and preferences Consumers often choose goods, services and activities that are associated with a certain lifestyle. Lifestyle

Activities,Interest & Opinions:

It tells a marketer of what a consumer likes, what are his interests and how does his thought process work. Activities – The way a person carries out his work or the type of hobbies he has tells a lot about a person. Interests - A consumers interests may vary in food, technology products, fashion or recreation. It helps a marketer to decide on the right marketing message which needs to be communicated to the prospect consumer. Opinions- A company will say that audience opinion is one of the topmost factors affecting the rise or fall . Nowadays there are agencies taking care of a brand online such that they can immediately give a feedback of what the public opinion about a brand / product is. Activities,Interest & Opinions


This is the process in which the buyer assimilates the information which comes to him from numerous sources. Based on the information input, the buyer then forms an opinion on the product or idea. The perception of a particular situation is different from one individual to another. The same object is perceived differently by different individuals. A favorable perception about the product makes the buyer to purchase the product. Perception


When individuals learn new ideas, they tend to evaluate their ideas and beliefs and try to incorporate the new learning into them. The buyer can be made to learn new ideas by constant advertising. Marketing managers can use positive reinforcement tools to make the customer learn the product better. Learning


Brand visibility and constant reinforcement through marketing communication and advertising helps to embed the product in the buyer’s minds. This also leads to better recall of the brand, which is a crucial factor to influence the buying decisions. Memory


Motives refer to the needs which have been awakened in a buyer. The buyer gets motivated to achieve their goals or motives, when they become aware of such needs. An effective marketing manager succeeds in awakening the need of the customer for the product. This leads to a buying decision by the customer for the product. Motivation

Attitudes :

Attitudes influence the buying decisions to a large extent. Attitude, either positive or negative, may be developed from the perception with regard to product or the organization. Attitude may also be developed due to other external parameters. For instance, if a consumer comes to know that a particular product is originated in a country which he does not like, then he may develop a negative attitude towards that product, even though the product is a popular one of superior quality. Attitudes

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