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Why Trade and Exhibitions?:

Exhibitors promote their products and services, reach new customers generate new sales create networks with other people in the industry Visitors opportunity to find out about the products and services on display. Why Trade and Exhibitions? 2

Types of Exhibits:

Tabletop Exhibits Used where space is limited or where there is a limited number of exhibitors. Area Exhibits Exhibitor assigned a specific floor space for displaying large, tall equipment or two-tier displays. Types of Exhibits 3

Types of Exhibits:

Booth Exhibits Most common exhibit. A standard unit of exhibit space (usually 10 feet by 10 feet) occupied by an exhibitor. Usually constructed with pipe and drape (lightweight aluminum tubing draped with fabric to create separate exhibit booths) or hardwall (solid material such as plywood, plastic, etc.). Booth types: standard, perimeter, peninsula, island Types of Exhibits 4

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How money is made?:

Hotels—sell exhibit space to convention organizers and services to delegates Convention organizers—resell space to exhibitors Exhibitors—sell goods and services to delegates Delegates—sell goods and services to their customers Trade show managers—sell floor space to exhibitors Exhibition service contractors/decorators—sell services to trade show managers and exhibitors Drayage companies—sell services to decorators and exhibitors How money is made? 8

Elements of Exhibit planning:

Scaled drawings Layouts Photo file Timetable Show hours and room assignments Labor regulations Insurance Elements of Exhibit planning 9

Categories of exhibition shows:

Exhibits held with a convention This is the most common arrangement Attendance is restricted to association members Variables in determining rental fee charged to group include: sleeping and meeting room commitment, expected F&B revenue, repeat business potential Categories of exhibition shows 10

Categories of exhibition shows:

Exhibits held as part of a trade show Often open to the public Also termed a consumer show (home and garden shows, travel shows, etc.) The organizer makes a profit from sub-leasing exhibit space Hotels often charge higher rental fees for space Categories of exhibition shows 11

Checklist to exhibit successfully:

find out what time you can set up your stand and get there early check that all the equipment works before you go 'live' select suitably trained or knowledgeable staff for the stand brief staff thoroughly identify everyone on your stand with a badge stating who they are and the name of your company employ sufficient staff on the stand to deal with enquiries, allowing for rest breaks Checklist to exhibit successfully 12

Checklist to exhibit successfully:

avoid spending time talking to colleagues so visitors do not have to interrupt you with their queries allocate enough time to each visitor to allow for questions and note down details to follow up provide a means of recording queries and taking contact details avoid taking too many details during the event - these can be collected during your follow up take breaks away from the stand so you don't have to eat or drink while you're on duty Checklist to exhibit successfully 13

Checklist to exhibit successfully:

provide plenty of promotional materials that will stand out later attach your business card to the front of promotional material and highlight points of interest give visitors your contact details to make it easy for them to get in touch after the event Checklist to exhibit successfully 14



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