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Contents Why Outdoor Advertising? Types of Outdoor Advertising Advantages and disadvantages Measurements

Why Outdoor Advertising?:

Why Outdoor Advertising? Many options available to reach specific groups Flexibility Potential for high frequency of impressions Frequency Low cost per exposure, depending on medium used Cost Size, shape, lighting, and motion can lead to impact Impact Can reach a variety of audiences very quickly Reach


Categories Billboards, Adshel, Posters, Street furniture, Transit, Alternative Guerrilla

Digital Outdoor advertising:

Digital Outdoor advertising independently addressable screens, kiosks, jukeboxes and/or jumbotrons

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Building illumination Mobile Projection

Alternative Outdoor Advertising:

Blimp Sky Banner Sky Writing Aerial Advertising Vans Trucks Trailers Mobile Billboards Video Signs Kiosks In-Store Media Alternative Outdoor Advertising

Blimp carrying message:

Blimp carrying message

Mobile Billboards:

Mobile Billboards

In-store Advertising:

In-store Advertising

Street Furniture Advertising:

Street Furniture Advertising

Transit Advertising:

Transit Advertising Terminal Posters Station Posters Platform Posters Outside Posters Inside Cards

Taxi Advertising:

Taxi Advertising Rear Windows Supersides + Lenticular Tip Seats Digital Liveries Data Capture Tip Seat

Other outdoor methods:

Other outdoor methods Buses – Around the sides, along the top, just on the back or all over Lorries – Sides, back or all over A board style vans


Billboard Billboards can come in many formats 96 sheet or 48 sheets, Golden Squares, Rollervision, Spectaculars & the NEW Specials Division Advertising Power of a Billboard can reach over 65% of the population1

3D Billboard Advertising:

3D Billboard Advertising

Humorous billboards...:

Humorous billboards...

Nikon D700 Guerrilla Style Billboard:

Nikon D700 Guerrilla Style Billboard

Interactive e-cast billboard:

Interactive e-cast billboard

Other billboards:

Other billboards Specials Division Rollervision Golden Squares Spectaculars


Adshel This is a 6 sheet poster It is seen by millions and can appear on roadside bus shelters or Payphones, in student unions and music venues, shopping centres or Airports Different rates apply according to place of display

Adshel advertising:

Adshel advertising


Posters Poster is one of the most creative part of outdoor/brand advertisements, now web designers also design advertisement posters for web promotions An event poster

Types of Posters:

Types of Posters Propaganda and political poster Movie poster Travel poster Educational poster Event poster Pin-up poster Affirmation poster An Affirmation poster

Guerrilla Advertising: :

Guerrilla Advertising: an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination unconventional, potentially interactive

Guerilla Advertising:

Guerilla Advertising

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising:

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising Creativity Wide local coverage High frequency Geographic flexibility Creation of awareness Efficiency Sales effectiveness Production capability Timeliness

Disadvantages of Outdoor advertising:

Disadvantages of Outdoor advertising Limited message capability High cost Waste coverage Wear out Measurement problems Image problems Mood of the Audience Reach

Measurement of Outdoor Advt.:

Measurement of Outdoor Advt. Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) Outdoor Media Association GPS technology Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure system (MOVE) OOH evaluation Balance Scorecard Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

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