Internal-operational communication

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Internal-operational communication : 

Internal-operational communication Internal-operational communication consists of the structured communication within the organization’s work goal. By “structured” we mean that such communication is built into the organization’s plan of operation . The “organization’s work goals” we mean the organization’s primary reason for being-to sell insurance, to manufacture nuts and bolts , to construct buildings’ and the like.

Communication is built into the organization’s plan of operation .it helps increase job satisfaction ,safety, production, profits, and discourages absenteeism, grievances, turnover and technical flows. When the workforce gets appropriate downwards communication from management , they can be better motivated and more efficient.

External-operational communication : 

External-operational communication External –operational communication is that part of an organisation’s communication structure which is concerned with achieving the organization’s work goals. it deal with people and group outside the organisation. Messages to person outside the company such as suppliers, service companies, customers, and the general public can have a far –reaching effect on its reputation and ultimate success.

Personal communication : 

Personal communication Personal communication is not a component of an organization’s plan of operation, still it can have a significant effect on its success. Personal communication is all that incidental exchange of information and feeling which human beings engage in whenever they come together . Human beings are social animals. They have a need to communicate , and they will communicate even when they have little or nothing to express.

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