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PREVIEW Introduction Is it worth? Reinventing the same wheel Commercial Education Purpose of Education Individuality Steps by the government Conclusion


INTRODUCTION In today’s world, studies are the biggest competition in the world. Education is not what it is supposed to be. Education is “ Preparing a person to face everyday life ”. Education today… doesn’t prepare one for the normal problems faced by a person in life. Our education system has to change fully, and only teach what is necessary. Today’s education system in India is challenging but needs some changes.


IS IT WORTH Today’s education produces only money making machines. We are imparting theoretical knowledge based education. “ Everyone in India must get equal opportunity in everything ”. I think life without education is a waste. It is worthless, In today’s world. We have to make the children more aware on socialness.


REINVENTING THE SAME WHEEL Education must make the student THINK . The education system in India puts more emphasis on the theoretical knowledge than the practical . But at the same time, Should not concentrate only on the things that are going to be useful in life later on. The system is there just to keep students occupied, nowadays we rarely learn new skills. Today’s education system is in the hands of the government.


CONT…. Today’s education system in INDIA is just like a bird without a wing or a man without a brain. The education system provides qualifications but not the experiences. Education in INDIA golden feeds the students, thus in their later life they are unable to produce what is needed by our country. In search of big schools but never checking for teacher who gives education to student.


COMMERCIAL EDUCATION The education system of INDIA is academic oriented and marks dependent . Foreign countries respect and value the true and distinctive talent of the individual. Taking bribes and offering seats has become so common in this world. For more money, private institutions offer a global exposure. The quality of teachers and the quality education found I various universities differs drastically.


CONT… One of UNESCO’s Institution says that “ 25% teacher absenteeism in India is among the highest in the world ” Politics in teacher appointments and transfers is a major reason. Teachers also believe highly in private tutoring a practice identified by UNESCO as unethical. It does not complement learning at school and leads to corruption the report said. Teachers mismanagement in institutions were other gray areas identified in Indian education system.


PURPOSE OF EDUCATION FIRST YEAR ‘A’ dreams of being an economist. ‘B’ wants to take up a career in organic chemistry. ‘C’ wants to attend linguistic classes under Noam Chomsky. FINAL YEAR ‘A’ writes MBA exam. ‘B’ writes MBA exam. ‘C’ writes MBA exam.


CONT… WHY??? Because they have been Disillusioned by the education they receive in college. They are sick of subjects that are strictly confined to classroom. They know that it will be impossible to make a living with their skills and knowledge. Our colleges devote their entire time and resources teaching syllabus, but never concentrate on departing skills.


INDIVIDUALITY Otherwise, the life of one will not be interesting but rather boring, monotonous, and frustrating. This is mainly due to the parental interference in the education of the children. Parental guidance is necessary but it should not interfere in the creativity or individuality of the students. In spite of the obsolete type of education system, some are achieving wonderful things in Sports, Music, Dance, Painting, Sciences and Technology.


STEPS BY GOVERNMENT Government should completely absorb the cost of providing free education up to 12 th standard. Not only school fees, but also free books, clothing and even place if necessary. Those with money can always opt for their favorite private school. Like in USA, the government can opt for building schools and make them available for private companies on long-term lease. Concept of “education credit”


CONCLUSION Children in the present generation are more focused towards their career. E-education is becoming popular in the present scenario. It’s time for India to think of the current educational setup demand and change. Concrete steps are taken to reformulate our methodology of imparting education. Improper education system could have serious consequences in the future.

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