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At peachy Queen Online Fashion Boutiques you will find a gorgeous array of trendy, chic, exclusive clothing and affordable fashion jewelry that you can chose from for any occasion.Visit today at or call us on 732-900-8161


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Visit today at

Peachy Queen Boutique -Online Fashion Boutiques Visit today at

Become a fabulous Fashion chic :

Become a fabulous Fashion chic

Fashion of the 21st Century:

Fashion of the 21 st Century Visit today at

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Fashion of the 21 st Century is used to express one’s self. Many people use their clothes to express a mood, feeling, attitude or way of life. The fashion of the time is eccentric and makes a statement. Clothing and accessories are both ways that men, women and children show where they came from and how they were raised. Fashion of the century is used to tell a story and helps people express themselves. Fashion

Fashion Eccentricity:

Fashion Eccentricity


Accessories Women’s accessories of this century are all about bling . Popular accessories include big earrings or studs, “chunky” bracelets and necklaces and rings.


Shoes Women’s shoes typically include sandals, fashion sneakers, nice and casual boots, heals, and Sperry’s.

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Website URL: Full Address: 110 Persimmon Lane Holmdel, New Jersey Telephone: 732-900-8161 Contact Us

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