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What They Don’t Tell You About “Obama” On TV : 

What They Don’t Tell You About “Obama” On TV

Name : 

Name Its not Barack Obama Its Barry Soetoro There is no record of him ever having changed his name to Obama. He has made that change informally and is using this name everywhere as if it were his formal name.

Place Of Birth : 

Place Of Birth Was not born in Hawaii as is claimed His real birth certificate was sealed because it proves he was not born in Hawaii He was born in Kenya and there is a copy of that certificate available for people to see He is so overconfident after fooling most of the people that he jokes about this There is an audio of his grandmother stating he was born in Kenya and a video of his wife saying the same

Constitution : 

Constitution Walks all over the constitution everyday There at least two articles in the constitution that he is seriously violating He is not allowed to be president because a president must have both parents as US citizens which he does not A president must also have been born in US, which he was not So then how is he president? He is president because your country is furthest from the constitution now than it has been before

Shady Background : 

Shady Background Not born where he claims Never admitted and other candidates were barred from revealing that he is a Muslim (the religion most intolerant of America and everything that doesn’t conform to its sick doctrines) Went from a C grade student at Occidental College to graduating from Columbia and then Harvard, the most demanding law school of all How??

Shady Background : 

Shady Background He was a secret CIA operative who was chosen because of his Muslim faith to help the Taliban overthrow the Russians in the 80s As a reward for his contribution in delivering the Russians the final insult, he was allowed a free Columbia degree (was rarely seen on campus) and unconditional acceptance into Harvard

Shady Background : 

Shady Background Is reputed to have received funds from the Saudi “royal family” for his campaign. He reportedly got $ 6 million of total contribution of which he declared only $ 2-3 million Has done community organizing work with people who are all right with terroristic means to achieving their socialist dreams Went to an America hating church His lies keep accumulating everyday

Poor Results : 

Poor Results Swine Flu: He said “Why close the gate now that the horse is out” He was among the first people to carry swine flu into USA, after he met a Mexican in Mexico Him and his cronies are of such bad judgement that they kept the inflow of Mexicans (the original carriers of the disease) coming in to the US from where is spread to other places. If they had stopped Mexicans from coming in after the first few cases, it would not have spread to the degree it did

Poor Results : 

Poor Results Imposed Healthcare: Never has socialized health insurance been imposed on everyone as it was under him. This is a scheme where he gets to make plenty of money while people pay for something that they should get to decide whether they need or not. It should not be compulsory as it is undemocratic. It also encourages people to be irresponsible

Poor Results : 

Poor Results Oil spill: It took this man a whopping 2+ months to respond to this crisis that was threatening so many people and sea entities When it happened the first thing he said was not we will clean up this mess and keep it from spreading but that BP will be sued and made to pay… He refused many, many offers for help and stopped many help projects from doing what they could to help as if he wanted the mess to look bad so that BP could be charged heavily

Poor Results : 

Poor Results Oil Spill: His favourite band of stock market cronies, Goldman Sachs, sold millions of BP shares days before the oil rig went south for a profit of $260 million + Very Suspicious…

Promises : 

Promises None of his promises have been kept He is the person who made the most promises before election and who kept the least of those after being elected

Overall : 

Overall Unbelievably Incompetent Experiencially Unqualified Legally Ineligible Aberrantly Overrated and Under criticized

In Conclusion : 

In Conclusion What more information do you need to see that this person is a complete fraud who is exploiting his numerous connections in both the Christian and the Muslim community to get ahead in society? Being a leader should be about competence, honesty, dignity, and commitment to positive results not about taking a paid on the job vacation while claiming to work a lot and giving utterly low grade results, while abusing the will of so many people

In Conclusion : 

In Conclusion Please give your vote to a clean party in the coming elections. Consider the Green Party Sure, the republicans run a better show than the Democrats, but its still a show. And in a show, one person always gets a better place than others Both these dominating parties have proved that they are not doing as good as they should, given the rewards they get. Choose the Green Party which is a clean, honest, and eco-friendly party and will take a straightforward approach to solving the many problems in your nation

Thanks for viewing : 

Thanks for viewing Please take this information very seriously as your future depends on it.

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