wideband power amplifiers


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Amp-Line Corp. is dedicated to design and manufacture the linear wideband power amplifiers and power source. Our power amplifier products cover the whole audio frequency range and extend into the radio frequency (RF) ranges.


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Manufacturing of linear wide-band power amplifiers and power sources since 1995 amp-line.com


We (Amp-Line Corp.) manufacture wideband power amplifiers from 20Hz to 800KHz. Our power amplifiers cover the whole audio frequency range (20Hz-20KHz) and extend into RF frequencies (up to 1.2MHz). Manufacture Wideband Power Amplifiers


We manufacture high current output Constant Current Sources. We customized the output of our constant current sources to fit your needs. We manufacture high frequency high voltage transformers for Plasma generation. We manufacture economic 3-phase output frequency converters. Manufacture Wideband Power Amplifiers


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