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DMMI Diversity Program Management Services -- DPSS Levels 1 thru 4 Benefits Overview


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Diversity Program Support Services (DPSS) : 

Diversity Program Support Services (DPSS) Your Gateway to Simplified Diversity Program Management

Diversity Management Strategies : 

Diversity Management Strategies Positioning Our Clients to Win

How will this help me? : 

How will this help me? What’s In It For Me… Diversity Program Support Services (DPSS)

Your market share depends on it : 

Your market share depends on it Project Owners Customers Community Leaders Government Officials and Agencies All seek companies with proactive and effective Diversity Programs

Your stakeholders expect it : 

Your stakeholders expect it “I want the rising tide that lifts all boats…” Gloria Macapagal Arroyo “…a rising tide that lifts all boats.” John Hoeven “A rising tide lifts all the boats...” John F. Kennedy

Most Responsive Bid : 

Most Responsive Bid Now means: Lowest cost, including operating costs – ROI Economic impact: Your workforce – and who is in it Your MBE/WBE subcontractors’ participation What companies you mentor Other long-range factors Guidelines becoming REQUIREMENTS

First… : 

First… You tell us what you want and need

Four Service Levels – 1 : 

Four Service Levels – 1 Level One – Basic DPSS Seamless Communications Outreach “In-reach” Budget-friendly

Four Service Levels – 2 : 

Four Service Levels – 2 Level Two – Enhanced DPSS More active staff engagement Measures staff volunteerism –

Four Service Levels – 3 : 

Four Service Levels – 3 Level Three – Progressive DPSS Measures workforce impact Emphasis: MBE/WBE relationships development

Four Service Levels – 4 : 

Four Service Levels – 4 Level Four – Proactive DPSS Includes readily accessible training material Extends to Mentor-Protégé facilitation Adds a PR component

Key Benefit: Comprehensive Services : 

Key Benefit: Comprehensive Services All Levels consider… YOUR company culture The skill sets and knowledge of your staff Your starting point and goals Public government guidelines Internal and external reporting needs Your need for peace of mind

How does this work? : 

How does this work? When can we start? Diversity Program Support Services (DPSS)

Start-up is easy… : 

Start-up is easy… We set up your toolset Unique to your company Ready to go within 5 to 10 business days We communicate with you You appoint company contacts Set the roll-out schedule Ready to find out more?Let’s get started…

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To start on the road to results, connect… E-mail: sandra@dmmiassociates.com Phone: (317) 489-0055 Contact us TODAY ! Find DMMI Associates LLC on the Web

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