EDM Drilling for Professional Hole Popping

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There are several modern machines today that are used in precision engineering.


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EDM Drilling for Professional Hole Popping:

EDM Drilling for Professional Hole Popping


There are several modern machines today that are used in precision engineering. The Electrical Discharge Machining, EDM is one of the most accurate among these. Leading precision engineers such as Precision Products Inc (PPI) use EDM extensively. The EDM Drill is one of the three main types of EDM. The EDM works by erosion of the material in front of electrical discharge formed by the arc caused between electrode tool and work piece. EDM manufacturing is affordable and desirable in cases of low counts or high accuracy. Turn-around time can be fast too.


What is Offered by the Company PPI offers three wire EDM machines and one EDM hole popper known as EDM drill too. In EDM drill the electrode is a brass or copper tube. This ranges from 0.004 to 0.250 inches in diameter. This tube is used to blast holes through the work piece. The popper has a very aggressive power supply to blast through the work piece very quickly.


The Uses of the EDM Machine The EDM hole popper is used to drill rows of holes into leading and trailing edges of turbine blades in jet engines. These small holes are required for the cooling of turbine blades. The turbine blades can thereafter operate at higher temperatures than earlier possible. Conventional machining of these holes is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Small hole EDM is also used to create microscopic orifices for fuel system components and spinnerets for synthetic fibers such as rayon, and other applications.


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