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Check a showcase of our Commercial Graphic Designing PowerPoint Presentation. Download Commercial Graphic Designing PowerPoint presentation now for great and creative presentation ideas on designing and visual branding. This is our general marketing powerpoint presentation on Commercial Graphic Designing. We invite you to download TheTemplateWizard's Commercial Graphic Designing PPT presentation for great ideas on commercial graphic designing presentations. We have created Commercial Graphic Designing sample powerpoint presentations that demonstrates how to use visuals and illustrations in your PowerPoint presentations.


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Commercial Graphic Designing: Dealing with Presentations:

Commercial Graphic Designing: Dealing with Presentations TheTemplateWizard

Definition of Graphic Designing:

Definition of Graphic Designing “Graphic design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, and image.” - Wikipedia

Thus, graphic design is::

Thus, graphic design is: Visual Communication Functional/Commercial Art Problem Solving

Importance of Graphic Design:

Importance of Graphic Design Makes something easier to use or to comprehend Serves as visual representation of your ideas and information

Fundamentals of Presentation Design:

Fundamentals of Presentation Design

Core Design elements:

Core Design elements Line Shape Value Texture Text Color

Design Elements - Lines:

Design Elements - Lines As an important element of design, lines can be both stand alone or part of another graphic element. Lines are one of the building blocks of graphic design. Lines can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Lines can be solid, dashed, thick, or thin.

Important considerations for lines:

Important considerations for lines Type Direction Quality

Design Elements - Shape:

Design Elements - Shape Shape is one of the basic elements of design, and an important one. Shape alone or in combination with some other shapes or lines organize information and convey universal meanings as well as guide the audience’ comprehension.

Basic types of shapes:

Basic types of shapes Lines: used to create 3-D world General outline of an object Geometric, Natural, and Abstract shapes Figure and Ground

Design Elements - Value:

Design Elements - Value Value is nothing but the relative degree of lightness and darkness in a given design element. Line, color, texture, and shape all require value contrast to be seen. Value is utilized to depict objects , shapes , and space .

Importance of Value:

Importance of Value Helps define Lightness/Darkness Gives the image detail and texture it needs to convey a message Contrast helps in relative emphasis Leads the eye

Design Elements - Texture:

Design Elements - Texture Texture can be defined as the surface characteristics of an object that can be experienced through the sense of touch or otherwise the illusion of touch.  In graphic designing , texture is be used to accent an area so that it becomes more prominent than another.

Texture Type:

Texture Type Actual paper - Tactile Visual- Objects in an image Photoshop effects Abstract pictures of Textures Symbolic Textures Make sure that you choose textures that relate to the concept of the work and are appropriate to the design requirements.

Design Elements - Text:

Design Elements - Text Be very specific in using text in bullet form However, make sure to use no more than 4-5 bullet points per slide Font size of 28 to 34 with a bold font is recommended Try to settle on one or two sans-serif typefaces Avoid italics Don’t try to put too much of information on one slide NEVER EVER, EVER USE ALL CAPS

Design Elements - Color:

Design Elements - Color Colors are capable of communicating meaning, triggering emotional associations, eliciting evocative memories buried in our subconscious minds. Colors can persuade or dissuade according to your efforts.

Points to Remember While Selecting Color:

Points to Remember While Selecting Color Cultural Associations of Color The profile of the target persona and its color preference The visual identity and color theme of the organization presented The designers personal preference of the color An awareness of current color trends



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