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Power cord are produced according to the wordlwide standards. An International manufactuere should ensure that its manufactured tools are meeting the the laid specification. Read on to check the types of cords.


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Types of cord made by Power Cords Manufacturers Power cords are one of the most commonly used electrical accessories everywhere. As they are used for all types of equipment and basically worldwide. Power cords produced by the best Power Cords Manufacturers are made as per International standards and specifications. This blog takes a look at the different standards present worldwide and the different types of power cords made in the industry. Region-Specific Power Cords There are various types of power cords which are produced labeled as Power cord types A to N. The entire American continent follows Type A and B. The North American Power Cord Manufacturers ensure that the power cords they make are of this type. In India however power cords of Type D and M are used. Each country uses different types of power cords. Most of the manufacturers would ensure that the power cords they manufacture are as per this requirement. Particularly those exporting their products to other countries need to ensure that they have power cords of the types specific to the country they are manufacturing for.

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What are the types of International standards Below are mentioned the different types of International standards for electrical power cords: 1 IEC 60320 One of the many International standards followed for the manufacturing of electrical cords is IEC 60320. This standard specifies power cords for electrical appliances that use up to 250 volts. Each country has its own connectors which mostly depends on the combination of current voltage and temperature. These power cords when manufactured by Power Cords Manufacturers follow certain conventions. They are numbered from C1 onwards till C23.

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The connector types C13 C15 C19 C20 are popularly used for most appliances. This is a universal standard followed worldwide. IEC is the International Electrotechnical Commission whose job is to formulate standards on all electrical related areas. The standards need to be followed by manufacturers of power cords to ensure safety consistency and to ensure their products are accepted worldwide. 2 NEMA 5-15 NEMA is a North American standard that is commonly followed across North American countries. The 5-15P plug is the common type that is used in the USA Canada Mexico Panama and some other countries. All the North American Power Cord Manufacturers would need to manufacture power cords as per this standard if they want to supply their products to North American countries. 3 CEE 7/7 The CEE standards are followed all over Europe and manufacturers who wish to export their power cords to Europe would need to comply with these standards. European Power Cables Manufacturers must maintain the standard applicable here as CEE 7/7. Apart from these standards each country would have its own standards and specifications governing power cords. An International manufacturer needs to ensure its products meet all these specifications. The best International Power Cord Manufacturer

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Oasis India is one of the Best Power Cord Manufacturers. The company is well-known for manufacturing the best quality power cords and power cables. Apart from manufacturing for the Indian market they also manufacture power cords for the International market and export to North America Europe and many other countries.

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