12 Tips to reduce the trash in a home

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12 Tips to reduce the trash in a home Reducing as much as possible the amount of waste generated in a home is one of the primary purposes of public administrations. The management and ​Recycling ​ of these wastes are increasingly complicated both because of their volume and because of the polluting effects that the disposal processes can have both in the air and in the subsoil. To this we can add that up to a third of the food produced worldwide ends up in the garbage with all that that means. To try to mitigate the adverse effects generated by household waste. It is best to follow a series of tips aimed at reducing the amount of waste that leaves a house daily. 1. ​ ​Make a responsible purchase: If possible planning the weekly menu entails good food savings and waste reduction. Therefore it is very convenient to make a reliable purchase adding to the cart only what is necessary. Improvisation facilitates compulsive buying. 2. ​ ​Monitor the expiration date: If you do not want to throw good food in the trash because it has expired you must always monitor the expiration date indicated by the manufacturer before adding the product to the basket. The accumulation of food usually ends with some of them in the ​Garbage Bin ​. 3. ​ ​Seasonal products: They are usually the cheapest the best-preserved and the tastiest so they are usually consumed in due time. 4. ​ ​Choose quality: Quality products usually have a longer shelf life so we will have more time to use it or later it will become garbage. You can also use a ​garbage trolley to collect waste from your home and surroundings. 5. ​ ​Reuse leftovers: Rare is food that cannot be reused even from one day to another. Although it is always better to prepare the necessary food rations without excesses it is good to know how to reuse what is left over to prepare other exquisite dishes. That way we will avoid generating waste and wasting money. 6. ​ ​Keep food properly: Whether it is uncooked food or prepared food keeping it conveniently is always right. Tuppers can be used to prevent odors from mixing in the refrigerator and to prolong the life of food but it is also

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convenient to have the fridge at the right temperature. Energy savings and better food preservation will thank you. 7. ​ ​Control what is thrown: When waste is going to be thrown in the trash it is convenient to watch that everything that is thrown away is not reusable. And if you have a pet think that some leftovers can serve you perfectly as food. 8. ​ ​Beware of packaging: When making the purchase try to avoid excessively wrapped products. Then you have to get rid of the wrapper which is nothing but waste. Therefore whenever possible it is better not to buy single-dose products. Also it is always better to buy reusable containers better if they are made of glass which has a longer life than plastic ones. 9. ​ ​The use of the bags: You have to reuse the bags as many times as necessary. In this way we will consume less and will reach less in the trash. When shopping if possible it is better to take the bag home rather than buy one at the supermarket. 10. ​ ​Better repair: In the case of appliances it is always better to repair them than to throw them away and buy a new one. And if this is inevitable opt for those more ecological 11. ​ ​Resort to the exchange: It is possible that a product that a person is no longer going to use another gives a good service. Therefore before throwing certain things in the trash look for someone who may be interested. Resorting to bartering is always a good option economic and ecological. 12. ​ ​Make composting: It can be done with any organic waste. With them the volume of waste will be reduced and fertilizer will be obtained for the plants

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