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Pets – They bring so much to our lives

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My name is Annie and I am going to show you around Powell Blvd Vet today!

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Our doors opened over 80 years ago and while Veterinary Medicine has changed over that time, our commitment to helping pets live longer and healthier lives has not.

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This is our reception area! Our reception team is eager to greet you with a smile and make sure you have a great visit!

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Our waiting room is very warm and cozy. We want to make you feel like you’re at home!

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We have plenty of informative reading materials!

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We have four exam rooms. You will get to meet Dr. Lathrop, Dr. Felton, Dr. Tokar, or Dr. Klau along with our technicians . They always give me lots of love while they make sure that I am healthy!

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This is our treatment area. A wide variety of procedures are done here, from dental cleanings and laboratory work to quick blood draws and nail trims.

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This is our radiology room. We have x-ray, dental x-ray, and laser therapy capabilities on site.

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Now we are in the surgical suite. Don’t worry they gave me the cap and mask, but I don’t perform the surgeries! Our doctors are very skilled surgeons and our attentive technicians monitor vital signs throughout the entire procedure.

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We can fill most medications here to save you a trip to the pharmacy. We can also compound some medications to taste like beef, tuna or salmon. Yum!

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Thanks for touring the clinic with me! We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon! Now it’s play time!!

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