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NKM Machine has been dedicated to design and manufacture of our range of Double Arm Mixer, of which the most commons and popular models are our SGK series Sigma Kneader and DPK series Dispersion Mixer. For more details visit:


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Kneading Mixing BLADE TYPES OF DOUBLE ARM MIXER : Various blade types are designed in order handle particular types of application. The commonly used blade types are : Z blade Masticator blade Naben blade / Fishtail blade Spiral blade Dispersion blade

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Z Blade This design is best suited for universal applications. This may be positioned with either tangential or overlapping action.

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Masticator Blade Used for a superior dispersion of products difficult to mix such as rubber, plastics or abrasive materials

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Naben Blade / Fishtail Blade Suitable for mixing cellulose materials and highly viscous products such as gum

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Spiral blade This blade type is applied for product which requires less shear force and provides a smooth folding action and is excellent for mixing a fiber reinforced product, available in 135 and 180 degree spiral.

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Dispersion blade This agitator requires less power than sigma blade and it is used for sanitary applications.

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