How to Design a Tri-fold Brochure?

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Some important tips on 3 fold brochure design have been mentioned here in this presentation.Visit here for details:


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How to Design a Tri-fold Brochure?:

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Introduction Tri-fold brochure is an effective marketing tool. Nice looking tri-fold brochure may have easy readable content.

Select the Proper Size:

Select the Proper Size The size and properties of the paper matters a lot. There are various types of paper available for brochure.

Figure out the Proper Dimension:

Figure out the Proper Dimension As the brochure will be folded,it is important to pick out the print paper with proper dimension. Select a thick paper for your brochure.

Do not Neglect the Font Size:

Do not Neglect the Font Size Carefully select the font size of the brochure. Readers must be able to read the brochure easily.

Layout is Also Important:

Layout is Also Important The layout must goes with the quality of your selected paper. If you select proper layout, you will be able to design an attractive tri-fold or 3 fold brochure .

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