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Cannabis News It seems like the world is now accepting cannabis as a regular part of today’s culture as arrests for cannabis has been on a steady decline since 2010. According to BBC in England alone the percentage of people who have been arrested has dropped by 46. It seems like the decline in the arrests is as a result of recent talks of legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational use in the U.K. and the realization that cannabis itself is less harmful than how the government would like to portray it. Furthermore The Liberal Democrats are backing a new report calling for the legalized sale of marijuana through licensed outlets including what they call "cannabis social clubs". They believe that criminalizing cannabis use is a waste of police time and it increases health risks by leaving many people in the dark about what they are taking.

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A policy analyst for the drug reform group Transform was quoted as saying "Its time to deal with cannabis as a public health issue to be responsibly managed not a crime to be punished." Either way the decline in arrests for cannabis use and the support from the Liberal Democrats calling for the legalization of cannabis shows a step in the right direction to properly educate people on cannabis and its uses both recreational and medical as well as to debunk certain myths surrounding the use of cannabis. The criminalization of cannabis does more disservice than good to the community as the more you try to control a substance the more people go to greater lengths to get it. Also the legal status of a drug does not dissuade people from using it so more harm is being done through drug policing by trying to criminalize cannabis than the use of the drug itself.

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