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Get an idea of designer saree colour combinations and know where to buy quality fabric of designer sarees online.


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Designer Saree Colour Combinations:

Designer Saree Colour Combinations The designer saree colour combinations that can never go wrong.

A Colour Combination:

A Colour Combination Fusion, as in a combination - A colour combination. A great day or an evening is made, if a colour combination is got right and these aren't hard to get if you know how to blend in the right match from fabric colours to other elements !

Dual Coloured Sarees:

Dual Coloured Sarees When it comes to designer sarees, the most preferred kinds of sarees are dual coloured sarees and 'half and half 'sarees. The vital feature that any woman looks for in a saree is that the colours must enhance her look . With dual colours, the choice of matching sure doubles up. So the half and half sarees are picked with futuristic thoughts and lateral thinking.

Dull and Bright Colours:

Dull and Bright Colours Always go for dull and bright colours together. Because when an overpowering colour tries to give a “ look at me” feel , the dull colour tones down the look . It actually makes a fashion statement on its own.

Coral and Blending:

Coral and Blending Others include the corals and blending it with a dark shade will bring out the utmost richness to the attire. Coral with the dark shade is the thing to go for - for a great social evening.

The Good Old Hues:

The Good Old Hues One more shade that is never out of the fashion books are the good old hues like black and white and greens. Take it from prints in abstract, quirky or florals. If these is a word to describe aesthetic, simply looking at this combination will win it hands down.

Glitz and Glamour:

Glitz and Glamour If glamour is the agenda of yours, then what more perfect way to bring it out than a combination of dark shade blue, black or a touch of metallic colour. The glitz and glamour in these combinations are sure to make heads turn and the jaws drop by its sheer authenticity. Also aqua blues are trending so much. So think no more when you see a saree in this hue. Just decide and drop it in your cart.

Pothys Designer Sarees:

Pothys Designer Sarees And mind you not to brag about the sarees you’ll buy from Pothys, for you'll get the compliments that you can store for more events to come. But one thing that will complete the look, is the kind of blouse you wear. This on- going trend completes the look only when a right blouse is worn. Sport the looks, that celebs sport. Strut in elegance in these designer sarees. If colours are your choice, then you are just going to fall in love with our collections. Time to drape to glory! source -

Designer Sarees Colour Duo:

Designer Sarees Colour Duo

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