What Are The Common Mistakes You Make During Conflict ?

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The PPT describes about the common mistakes which people makes during a conflict. This can be avoided to resolve the conflict effectively. For more information you can visit : http://www.past-transgressions.com/


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What Are The Common Mistakes You Make During Conflict ? Presented By : www.past-transgressions.com


Do You Avoid The Conflict Always? @past- transgressions.com Conflict can never be avoided. It should be resolved from the root cause. If you face issues that is troubling you for days, just face it before it gets out of your control. Silence cannot be a perfect solution.

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Do You Ask What You Want? @past- transgressions.com Have you ever asked yourself about what you actually want. You need to be clear about your own desires and wishes and thus ask accordingly.


Do You Listen Properly? @past- transgressions.com Listening is always an effective method to resolve any conflict. Personal conflicts as well as the professional miscommunication can be solved by listening what the others want.


Do You Understand The Communication ? @past- transgressions.com There are different communication styles used by different people. You need to understand them. An introvert can be misinterpreted as rude. So these mistakes can be avoided if you understand different styles of communication.

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