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Port blair tour packages - Get best deals on your andaman nicobar tour package including airfare or without airfare from delhi, mumbai, kolkata, hyderabad. http://www.portblairtourpackage.com/


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Port Blair Tour Packages:

Port Blair Tour Packages VIEW MORE :- With breathtakingly beautiful coastline, lush forested interior, fantastic diving possibilities and a far-flung location, the Andaman Islands are a perfect place to ramble around or simply chill out on sun-toasted beaches. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the most beautiful and attractive tourist destination located in the Bay of Bengal. It is the part of the union territory of India. The culture of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are similar to Indian culture. This is also reflecting in their food culture. Sea foods are the main cuisine of Andamanese . So Andaman is the paradise of sea food lovers. Lobsters, Crab, Prawns, Cuttle fish, and fish of every kind is found here. Vegetarians don’t worry!! There are plenty of delicious vegetarian dishes are available. Andaman is the home of some of the world’s largest sea turtles. Three major species of marine turtles – Hawksbill, Green turtle and world’s largest sea turtle, the Leatherback ( Dermocheleys Coriacea ) are found on these island and are considered of national importance. The oldest human population on Andaman Island is 60000 years old. North Sentinel Island is home to a race that belongs to the most isolated human populations in the world. The Sentinelese , with a population of approximately 300, stay in the isolation from modern world and fire their arrows at anyone who comes within range. Along with these, there are other facts about andman which makes it on eof the best places to visit.

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