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Desuperheater/Desuperheaters are used in Air conditioning & Refrigeration plants to reduce / control temperature of refrigerant by spraying droplets of water on superheated steam. Maniks has also ventured into Desuperheaters since 30 years by entering into a strategic alliance with Welland & Tuxhorn AG, Germany.


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Desuperheaters- Basic Desuperheating Theory:

Desuperheaters - Basic Desuperheating Theory Desuperheater-Maniks


  About us What is Desuperheater? Working of Desuperheater Desuperheater Design Types of Maniks Desuperheater Benefits of Maniks Desuperheater Water Heater Desuperheater Water Heater Applications Why Maniks Desuperheater? Agenda

Maniks Desuperheater:

About us: Maniks is the most reputed Indian brand with a history of 30 years for manufacturing , leaded by a group of technocrats, emerged with a vital directive of presenting state of the art goods and services in the field of Energy Savings . With the huge experience of Maniks in the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry, MANIKS has selected "Waste Heat Recovery through AC & R Compressors" as the measure to achieve large energy savings in the industries like Dairy & Food Beverages, Hotel & Hospitality, Pharmacy & Chemical, Textile and Specialty Hospitals etc. Maniks Desuperheater

Maniks Desuperheater:

What is Maniks Desuperheater? Desuperheaters / desuperheater is a device that lowers the temperature level of superheated refrigerant gas so that it can be effectively used for heating as well as for other industrial use. When ammonia refrigerant is used for heating the refrigerator or other heat transfer and industrial process purposes, it is most efficient when the gas is at saturation temperature. This temperature reduction or attemperation is performed by the desuperheater. A desuperheater is a device that injects a sufficient amount of water with the flow of refrigerant. Maniks Desuperheater

Maniks Desuperheater:

Maniks Desuperheater Maniks Desuperheater Water Heater :

Maniks Desuperheater:

Working of Desuperheater : In a usual AC & R system, the refrigerant temperature rises in tune of 80℃ to 120℃ after compression. The refrigerant is further put to the air/ water cooled condenser to condense near about 40℃ . While the condensing of refrigerant in the condenser, the total heat contained in this high Temperature/high pressure gas gets wasted to the atmosphere . This superheat of the gas which is part of the total heat content of the gas, has a substantial heat potential provided the same is reclaimed efficiently and is optimized for energy saving. Maniks Desuperheater

Maniks Desuperheater:

Desuperheater Design Double Walled “Tube in Tube ", vented, counter flow heat exchanger. Vent tube have serrations on outer & inner surfaces to avoid cross contamination of water/ fluid and refrigerant. Each and every tube has a tube inside it that allows water/ fluid to travel in an opposite direction. The Desuperheater Water Heater is actually installed before the oil separator and the condenser. The refrigerant gas travels through the series of different tubes in the Desuperheater device before it enters the condenser. Maniks Desuperheater

Maniks Desuperheater:

Normally the Desuperheater Water heater is manufactured considering the hot/warm water requirement for the processes. When needs of refrigeration & hot water are not simultaneous, a " Recirculation " type system is provided where hot water is generated, stored & maintained in an insulated tank. The hot water generated then can be utilized as and when required by the customers. The Desuperheater water heater can be easily modified on reciprocating, screw or scroll type chillers. Maniks Desuperheater

Maniks Desuperheater :

Types of Maniks Desuperheater : 1) Freon Desuperheater. 2) Ammonia Desuperheater 1) Freon Desuperheater: Maniks desuperheater works on freon refrigerant gas to extract the superheated refrigerant and use it for other purposes. Therefore this heat if used for boiling water in hotels, restaurants etc users can get free of cost water. 2) Ammonia Desuperheater: Ammonia is the oldest one of all the refrigerants and it is still widely used in the refrigeration and air conditioning applications. It is also the only refrigerant outside the halocarbons group, still being used to a great extent. Ammonia is less expensive and used as refrigerant largely in the many refrigeration systems of food industry like ice creams plants, dairies, cold storage warehouses, frozen food and production plants, processors of poultry, fish and meat and many other applications. Maniks desuperheater works on ammonia refrigerant gas to extract the superheated refrigerant and use it for other purposes. Therefore this heat if used for boiling water in hotels, restaurants etc users can get free of cost water. Maniks Desuperheater

Maniks Desuperheater:

Desuperheater Applications : The Desuperheater can be found in different types of applications, including: Power generation Process controllability Thinner pipe and lighter flanges Preventing lubricant degradation Protecting downstream equipment Gas desuperheaters Maniks Desuperheater

Maniks Desuperheater:

Why Maniks Desuperheater? Desuperheaters are important components used in the management of superheated gas from power generation sources to industrial uses of gas. This mechanism of desuperheating the refrigerant represents the vast majority of desuperheating applications. In water spray desuperheater, superheated refrigerant is passed from a section of pipe fitted with one or more spray nozzles. These nozzles inject a small amount fine spray of cooling water onto the superheated refrigerant, which causes the water to be converted into gas, hence reducing the quantity of superheat . For more Information: Maniks Desuperheater

Maniks Desuperheater:

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