Best Tips for Toilet Training Your Puppies

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Before training your dog to pee outside, teach them to pee in a specific spot in the house like on a newspaper or Pee Pads...


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3 Easy Tips for Toilet Training Your Puppies

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After getting your own puppy, toilet training would probably be as far away from your mind as possible. The majority of the time will go into pampering and cuddling with the puppy, clicking a few thousand photos for your Instagram feed and spending entire days with your new furry companion . While toilet training can be a simple enough task if you know what you are doing, it can be really challenging if you don’t have a clue. Even if you are an expert, it would still take a considerable amount of time and patience on your part to successfully train your dog. Chances are that your dog will have a few accidents that you would have to take care of.

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Here are few easy tips that you can apply while toilet training your puppy : Before training your dog to pee outside, teach them to pee in a specific spot in the house like on a newspaper or Pee Pads . Once they get a general hang of the idea, you can then move them towards the front door and ultimately teach the dogs to pee outside. The pee pads in this way can act as an intermediary step in your training process. It is often noticeable when your dog needs to relieve himself. He would probably bark to show his discomfort. You need to keep an eye out for such signs. If you ignore them, the dog might get desperate and have an accident inside the house. This not only sets back the training, but any further scolding for the accident further aggravates the problem . Even if the dog shows no apparent signs of discomfort, it is always advisable to take the dog out to relieve himself after few every hours or so. This not only conditions him further but also negates the chances of having an accident in the house. Even if the dog does not have to pee, you can just take him for a walk around the neighborhood to let him have some fresh air.

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Praising your dog and letting him know that he is safe and loved is a pivotal factor in building a trusting relationship, which is in turn necessary to toilet train your dog successfully. Leave no stones unturned when it comes to loving your dog and praise him for any good behavior that he might have done. Apart from the verbal praises and gestures, you can also give him mini treats for every good behavior.

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