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Presentation Description is the one of the most popular Set Up Box Suppliers and Manufacturer in Singapore. In Our product Set Up box is made by Injection moulding which is the process of injecting molten thermoplastic polymer into a cavity within a steel mould tool.Upon cooling and opening of the mould, the injected plastic part will be formed..


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Set Up Box Manufacturer And Suppliers

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A set-top box or set-top unit generally abbreviated as STB and STU is an information appliance device which contains a TV-Tuner input and displays output in a Television Set and an additional source which is externally connected with signal turning the source signal into content that can then be displayed on the television screen.

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They are used in Satellite Television Cable Television Over-the-air-television systems and other uses. The signal source might be an Ethernet cable a satellite dish broadband over power lines BPL a coaxial cable see cable television a telephone line which includes DSL connections or even an ordinary VHF or UHF antenna.

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The content in this context could mean any or all of the videos audios Internet web pages interactive video games or other possibilities. The use of set-top boxes of several formats has never completely disappeared because the satellite and microwave-based services require specific external receiver hardware and set-top boxes can also enhance source signal quality.

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Broadcasts frequency could be shifted to VHF channels at the cable head-end instead of the final viewing location because the cable television is representing a possible alternative in deployment of UHF converters. Most cable systems could not accommodate the full frequency range of 54-890 MHz VHF/UHF and the twelve channels of VHF space will get exhausted quickly on most systems.

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In the late 1980s before cable-ready TV sets became common an electronic tuning device called Cable Converter Box was needed to receive the additional analog cable TV channels and transpose/convert the channel selected to analog radio frequency RF for viewing on a regular TV set on a single channel.

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The box allowed the analog non cable ready television set to receive analog encrypted cable channels and it was a prototype topology for the later date digital encryption devices. Newer televisions were then converted to be analog cypher cable-ready with the standard converter which is built in for selling premium television.

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Several years later and slowly marketed the advent of digital cable has increased the need for several forms of these devices. To provide compatibility to full VCR and the ability to drive multiple TV sets some block conversion of the entire affected frequency band onto UHF while less common was used by some models with somewhat nonstandard channel numbering scheme.

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Newer television receivers have greatly reduced the need for external set-top boxes even though cable converter boxes continued to use descramble premium cable channels according to carrier-controlled access restrictions and also to receive digital cable channels along with the use of interactive services firstly through video on demand secondly by pay per view and finally by home shopping through television.

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