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Polytech is a leading no.1 manufacturing company in Singapore for Industrial rubber products which are Automative keypad, Consumable keypad, setup box, security device, automative rubber components, domes and touch panel with affordable cost and effective quality..


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Best Keypads Manufacturer Industry In Singapore


A keypad is a set of buttons or a mini keyboard used for operating industrial, automotive or consumable devices like electronic devices, telephones, or other home appliances. It may have numbers, alphabets, characters, symbols, alphanumeric buttons or a combination of all depending on the functions of the device.


Keypads are found on many devices such as calculators, telephones, combination locks and digital door locks that require mainly numeric input. The keypad was invented by John E. Kerlin who worked as an industrial psychologist at Bell Labs in Murray Hill. There are basically 2 kinds of keypads- Membrane based, Silicone and touch screen.


They have plastic key tops which press down on a membrane to produce the output. Silicone keypads are the keypads made of special rubber material known as silicon and are used extensively in both industrial and consumer products. These are a low cost and reliable switching solution.


Polytech offers silicone keypads that can be customized as per the requirements to suitable hardness and color. So it is easy to match the keypad to the desired colour. Silicone being an economical option, the whole process becomes economical too. Using silicone, it is possible to achieve varying mechanical movements and forces.


Touch screen keypads are special keypads in which the characters can be input by touching the screen that displays the keypad. Touch screen keypads are quite expensive to manufacture and maintain. Even the repair cost is very high. But if handled with care, these act as a fast and versatile option for a device.


Polytech offers keypads for industrial, automotive and consumable uses. Industrial keypads allow users to enter codes by pressing the keys of a keypad in order to control the machines and equipments. In these keypads, symbols and numbers can be used to represent a specific function or sometimes can be programmed with alternate meanings to complete that function.


In the automotive industry, Polytech offers keypads for automobiles like cars which include keypad for the steering, power windows, car radio, interior lighting, navigation, seat adjustments, temperature control etc.


In the consumables industry, Polytech offers keypads for household appliances like coffee maker, remote controls, washing machine, microwave etc. To meet the demands of the telecommunication and audio/media equipments, Polytech offers thin keypads which are preferred due to their sleek design.


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