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Polyair Spring is the name to lookout for if you are thinking of getting the best load leveling products for your vehicle in the Australasian region at reasonable prices. We are Australia's one of the best suppliers of air adjustable load assisting suspension, bellows, springs, 4x4 Suspension items and sleeve systems for your vehicle.


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slide 1: WE WONT LET YOU DOWN Solving your Suspension Problems Polyair Springs Pty Ltd

slide 2: Polyair Red Series bags are intended to fit inside the coil of a loop sprung vehicle to help the spring in supporting whatever load is set in the vehicle. They help in wiping out "bottoming out" and enhance ride stability and handling. Polyair Red Series Polyair Product Range

slide 3: Polyair Bello kits are for hauling or toing heay loads. They’re built with toughened rubber bellows and end caps made of ultra-high strength Zytelr nylon strong as steel light weight and is rust proof. Polyair Bellows

slide 4: These adjustable air springs work with your current leaf spring suspension to provide up to 900 kg 2000 lbs. of load-levelling limit. Expand when carrying an overwhelming load deflate when riding empty. Polyair Sleeve System

slide 5: The Polyair Drag racing system comprises of two strong simple to install and use pressurized cylinders this kit provides up to 450 kg of suspension- altering power on every rear wheel guaranteeing racers achieve maximum potential traction. Polyair Drag-racing System

slide 6: Dominator Series kits handle huge burdens with full-time support while improving security and ride quality. They are totally air adjustable to keep your vehicle riding level and comfortable whether loaded towing or light on any street condition. The Dominator series kits are particularly intended to suit 70 Series utes and Troop Carriers from standard height to 3″ raised. Series Dominator Bellows

slide 7: Polyair Springs Pty Ltd Contact Us Address: 455-463 Princes Highway Corner of Railway Road Sydenham NSW 2044 Australia Tel: 02 9519 9774 Fax: 02 9550 3270 E-mail:

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