10 tips for buying online insurance plans


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10 Things you must know before buying insurance online.The pointers that follow will help you buy online insurance both safely and successfully.


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10 tips for buying online insurance plans :

10 tips for buying online insurance plans Online insurance is easy to buy. It is convenient, quick and hassle-free. 

Compare, Compare, Compare:

Compare, Compare, Compare Whether online or offline, do not buy insurance without comparing www.policyadvisor.in

Detailed Questionnaires Are Good:

Detailed Questionnaires Are Good Online sellers of insurance require buyers to fill in a questionnaire in order to determine coverage needs and premium amounts. Ideally, this questionnaire should seek basic information about your health, including height, weight, age, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. In the absence of such queries, the initial premium quoted will be low; therefore, it may be subject to change once the insurer collects your medical details. www.policyadvisor.in

Be Honest :

Be Honest  If you have a family history of diabetes, mention this on the online questionnaire. Filling in the correct information honestly will give you a better estimate. www.policyadvisor.in

Guard Your Personal Information:

Guard Your Personal Information when buying insurance online, you do not need to provide  all  information. For instance, it is possible to get quotes without giving out your address and telephone number. www.policyadvisor.in

Choose a Reputed Company :

Choose a Reputed Company  Insurance is a long-term affair. Hence, it is advisable to choose an insurance company that is stable and that has a high claim settlement ratio (CSR) www.policyadvisor.in

Check out Reviews:

Check out Reviews User reviews will give you first-hand information about the merits and drawbacks of specific policies, thereby making it easier for you to select a plan. www.policyadvisor.in

Look for Necessary Riders:

Look for Necessary Riders If you seek heavy customization on your policy, the online segment may not be the best place to look. Online insurance works well if you require a no-frills policy www.policyadvisor.in

Cross Check with the Insurer:

Cross Check with the Insurer Most online insurance shoppers compare rates on an aggregator site that hosts multiple policies from various insurers. Given the sheer numbers of policies on display, however, it is possible that some are outdated. Therefore, once you have shortlisted a few policies, make sure to check their details on the respective insurers’ websites. www.policyadvisor.in

Check Availability in Your City :

Check Availability in Your City  Some policies are available in select regions. So, before you decide to finalize the deal and whip out your credit card, find out whether it is available in your city or town www.policyadvisor.in

Save the Transaction Page –:

Save the Transaction Page – Once you have selected your policy and made the necessary payment, make sure to take a screenshot of the transaction page. This will come in handy in case of any transaction error or denial by the insurance company. www.policyadvisor.in

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