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Polchinski Memorials Inc. Provides Slant Style Monuments, Single Monuments, Double Monuments, Large Sized Plot Monuments. This presentation is about Polchinski’s different types of products and services. they deal in monuments, mausoleums, engraving, cleaning and much more. Call Polchinski Memorials at (914) 984-4198 email us at info@polchinskimemorials.com. For more information, please visit http://www.polchinskimemorials.com/


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Polchinski’s Products and Services:

Polchinski’s Products and Services


Monuments We Provide: Slant Style Monuments Single Monuments Double Monuments Large Sized Plot Monuments

Rock of Ages Featured Memorials:

Rock of Ages Featured Memorials Displays some of the feature work done by the craftsmen at the Rock of Ages facility in Barre , VT. Our sales staff will work with you to achieve the Rock of Ages memorial that will speak to all future generations .

Estate Memorials:

Estate Memorials These memorials have been erected on larger size plots in the cemetery. Erecting this type of memorial will bring prestige and importance to your memorialization.


Mausoleum Our buildings are designed, engineered and constructed by Rock of Ages, with full perpetual warranties that protect you, your heirs and the cemetery. This is the strongest warranty available anywhere.

Flush Markers and Footstones:

Flush Markers and Footstones U sed as footstones, or as flush grave markers, which means they are set into the grass, with only the top showing. U sually unpolished in design, however, given the circumstances, polished markers/footstones are possible.


Engraving Engraving and Inscription Work is a Process of Duplication. The letter style, size and spacing of the previous engraving is always maintained.

Civic Memorials:

Civic Memorials

Bronze Merchandise:

Bronze Merchandise


Benches Memorial Benches can be fabricated in many sizes and shapes depending upon the space available.

Porcelain Plaques:

Porcelain Plaques Your personalized memorial Porcelain Plaque will be delivered, with a lifetime guarantee against scratching, fading or weathering and ready to be affixed to your loved one's memorial marker .

Cleaning and Repairs:

Cleaning and Repairs Before After

Contact us:

Contact us POLCHINSKI MEMORIALS at Ph: 914-984-4198 /203-413-1345 Fax: 914-769-4155 7 West Stevens Ave  Hawthorne, NY 10532 Email: info@polchinskimemorials.com Visit: http://www.polchinskimemoria ls.com

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