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PointerTop innovates software solutions HIGH-TOUCH ECOMMERCE


VozTop VozTop is an easy-to-use cloud-based unified communications service that helps employees to be more productive and collaborative with a full-featured phone system, combined with audio/video/content sharing, conferencing, and file sharing capabilities . East and West coast datacenters provide redundancy and minimize latency


CrozTop As an agent platform CrozTop provides a cloud portal for company representatives to log in, see customer activity on the corporate website, and engage those customers directly in sales (and customer support) conversations CrozTop integrates into websites using HTML code, converting them from informative brochures into full-bore communications channels for sales and customer support CrozTop customer-to-agent communications are cross-interactive, with information flowing both ways over a shared desktop as agents place and switch out questionnaires, forms, videos, product infographics , quotes, custom packages, contracts and more Customer communications over CrozTop are directed by the agents as they follow a predetermined Storyboard in changing the forms and tools placed on the shared desktop .More details www.pointertop.com

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Contact Info https://www.pointertop.com / 120 N 44th St, Ste 330, Phoenix AZ 4804995255 info@pointertop.com

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