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Jyotish is the Ultimate Resort of Serene Emancipation Many times in life it is quite natural that there are the things which do not have the proper logic of happening. When such illogical but consecutive things occur people say that it is the game of the providence. Jyotish can resolve these discrepancies. What is the base of Jyotish Shastra Jyotish or Astrology is not a deception or something counterfeit. India is the seat of learning. The country has been plunged in the quest for knowledge since time untold. Thousands and thousands of years ago the hermits and saints of India had been able to read the stars and they had come to the point that while birth the heavenly bodies above sit in a faction and write the fortune of the man. The ancient Munis had ordained that these stars are the primitive writer of providence for each of us. Website: http://www.bagulamukhijyotishtantra.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bagulamukhijyotishtantra They thus had succumbed to this point that if it is possible to know the fate in advance then much discrepancy in one’s life can be avoided. Today the astrology is much spread all around the world. The modern scientists also have come up to the point that Astrology is much about mathematical calculations regarding the celestial bodies and their positions. There are many centers today which practice the tantra and mantra do the anushthhanas to relieve man from problems like domestic crisis job and pecuniary calamities relational tumult

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and many more. One must get associated with related writings from magazines and know more about such centers and understand the gravity of the science called Jyotish. Contact Information Our Address 668 DDA Janta Flats Pulpehladpur SurajKund Road New Delhi- 110044 India Our Contact No. +91 11 26366804 11 AM to 4 PM IST +91 9810466622 9871620010 E-mail: rajguru.astrokalpgmail.com Website: http://www.bagulamukhijyotishtantra.com/

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