OpenSim, a Construction Kit for Immersive Learning in Microbiology

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Talk given at OU Deep Think region in SL on 28 May 2012


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OpenSim: a construction kit for immersive learning in microbiology:

OpenSim : a construction kit for immersive learning in microbiology Dr Peter Miller University of Liverpool OU Deep Thinkers Meeting May 2012

Prediction: the future will be...:

Prediction: the future will be... Data-rich Networked Algorithmic Visual Affective A work in progress... VWBPE12 (SL)


Visual “If we do need a new language to help us understand these processes I believe it should be a picture language that can be generated from the information in Cellmap and not more text. There is already too much text in the world . One good way to view the problem is as a new kind of molecular biology, the molecular biology of organization .“ Brenner, 2010

Construction Kit:

Construction Kit Pedagogy Domain knowledge (theory and/or practice) Who is doing what? (content etc ) NB virtual worlds are not the only fruit


Pedagogy emotion emotion Data “Push” model e.g. formal learning Often ineffective environment student Affective Context Learning Model ( Shackleton -Jones, 2010) “Learning is the process by which people attach ... affective sense to information” emotion emotion Data “Pull” model e.g. informal learning More effective environment

Microbiology: Expect the unexpected?:

Microbiology: Expect the unexpected? Staphylococcus Thiomargarita

The domain: Microbiology:

The domain: Microbiology Recent past Deep future Physiome (inc. structure) Omics (genome sequences, etc) Microbe, e.g. bacterium Environment, inc. interactions with other organisms Infection Biotechnology present & future, e.g. planetary terraforming Meta- omics Meta- physiome Deep past evolution evolution synbio prediction Near future growth death etc status, e.g. age Potential Actual

Who is doing what? Things are not what they seem:

Who is doing what? Things are not what they seem SL inworld search Google CSE

Who is doing what 1: Aalto University, Finland:

Who is doing what 1: Aalto University, Finland Aalto University (SL)

Who is doing what 2: Our Lady of the Lakes CC, USA:

Who is doing what 2: Our Lady of the Lakes CC, USA OLOL College (SL)

Who is doing what 3: University of Leicester (Genetics):

Who is doing what 3: University of Leicester (Genetics) Media Zoo (SL)


Biosafety Hazmat suit CDC Island (SL; closed) Level 3 Containment Lab ( BioZone )

Avatar animation:

Avatar animation Kinect , e.g. concept demo Leap ($70; desktop-only) microsoft-see-through-3d-desktop

Why don’t we get together?:

Why don’t we get together? Pharmatopia as an example (Pharmacy) BIO-SE “creating modular learning lessons in the area of biology” (SL & OpenSim ) Easy to change or merge region content en bloc in OpenSim using OAR files Pharmtopia (SL)

Getting a region:

Getting a region Self-hosted (region + browser on USB stick) New World Studio Hosting, e.g. Kitely (region-on-demand) Dreamland Metaverse


Content Free lab coat from FleepGrid ! Textured objects ( prims ): classic, sculpted, mesh Mesh from prims ( Meshtastic , Mesh Studio) Google 3D Warehouse, TurboSquid , etc UCSF Chimera MeshLab Inworld mesh PDBe , EMDB EMD-1582 ( E. coli polysome ; SL) Paramecium avatar (SL) Free avatar ( OSgrid )

How to use?:

How to use? Who What When How Visitors Walk, fly, sit Chat, IM Navigate 2-3 hour session Virtual lab, fieldwork DataViz Conferencing Scavenger hunt Agents Customise avatar Manage inventory Upload & apply textures 3-6+ hours over multiple sessions Research & poster Media curation Quests Role play Designers Design & configure environment for others >20 hours, with training Planning, building, terraforming , scripting, etc

Design a class (visitors):

Design a class (visitors) Group teleporter Find regions : Hyperica , edu_grid Students Pre-loaded avatar, accounts, start location Avatar : appearance, inventory (notes...) IAR file(s) ready! Travel plan: Biozone2, UCI edu 1 ( or change OARs in same region) Skills plan : walk, fly, sit, chat, IM Orientation

Visitors: dataviz & conferencing:

Visitors: dataviz & conferencing DataViz Biozone2 standalone Conferencing UCI edu 1, OSgrid (NIH-funded, free) Hypergrid

Design a class (agents):

Design a class (agents) clone? Region Search web OAR repository edu_oars OAR file Search : web, inworld Add Modify Prebuilt content Self/co-built content   Students Pre-loaded avatar, accounts, start location Avatar : appearance, inventory (notes, etc) IAR file ready!

Agents: posters with shared context:

Agents: posters with shared context Students carry out task and report via poster Scale affordances shared space/context peer support/learning, outreach Evolutionary pathways Giant genome BioZone , NewWorldGrid

Agents: BiblioPrims:

Agents: BiblioPrims BiblioPrim : archiving, annotation, web link Basic Rightclick , Touch CiteXplore PubMed Reflect (Lars Juhl Jensen) Media on a prim BioZone , NewWorldGrid


Works-in-progress Affordances of scale Affective New perspectives, ideas, questions Regulome Giant cell Giant protein (code/tools by Andy Lang, Troy McConaghy , sTwo Acker ) BioZone , NewWorldGrid

Designers: student builds:

Designers: student builds Walk-through gut African AIDS orphanage: how to improve it? AIDS orphanage Gut microbiota (SL) “With your help .... I have taken an interest and made it into a passion....” (student comment)

Mendel’s Abbey:

Mendel’s Abbey Content “chunked” using Twine IF editor Exported code converted to textures Textured prims autorezzed by floor touch

Space colony:

Space colony Non-player characters


Conclusion OpenSim viable for education use Inherently visual/spatial and affective for many Need community-based OARs The future may be... different Heliodisplay : projection-based interactive

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