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The most important feature to consider when buying a foot cream is its moisturizing capability. For a majority of diabetics, dry and chapped feet are very common. If not taken care of, cracks develop which then lead to slow-healing ulcers and could cause more serious problems.


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If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, your physician may have advised you start taking additional care of your feet. Or you may have concluded that on your own after experiencing an increasing number of foot problems such as calluses, blisters and dry skin. What is the connection between diabetes and foot health? There are many links. For one, high blood sugar level damage nerves in your feet, a condition called diabetic neuropathy. This results in decreased sensation in your feet. You might get wounded or develop blisters without knowing it . Diabetes may also prompt decreased blood circulation, deformed feet and excess skin dryness in your feet. If you aren’t careful, some of these issues may guide to eventual foot amputation. Listed below are a few effective diabetes foot creams that you can use with the help of a long reach lotion applicator . 

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With the organic scents of rosemary, lavender & mountain pain, this rejuvenating foot cream is one of the best for diabetics. It comes in a 500ml dispenser and can be used on the feet and also between the toes with the help of your long handle lotion applicator. It moisturizes your skin, assuring they stay soft & supple through the day. This is particularly important in preventing the development of cracks which can guide to serious ulcers.

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This cream is made especially for people with diabetes. Apply it on your entire foot including the underside, the top, between the toes & around wounds and ulcers. It moisturizes chapped skin and offers antiseptic defense against infection. It also performs as a lubricant, assuring that friction with your shoes or the floor doesn’t cause further injury to your feet.

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This foot cream is 100% organic. In it, you will find all-natural and organic ingredients including Shea butter, Peppermint oil and Apricot oil. Most of these components have moisturizing qualities. They re-moisturize your skin, which goes a long way in preventing cracks and calluses. You can use it to treat cuts, wounds, sores and blisters while also protecting your feet from further damage.

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