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Our Long Handled Lotion Applicator with a replaceable sponge is designed to assist people to apply a variety of lotions, oils and creams onto hard to reach areas such as the back and lower legs.


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long handled lotion applicators

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Today you can easily come across a great range of long handled lotion applicators that are perfect for those who’ve limited movements, as the lotion applicator allows the users to apply oil, lotion or any other skin-care items in those hard to reach areas. The best thing about such lotion applicators is they prevent twisting of muscles, while evenly distributing the lotion, oil or cream you are applying on your back or any other tough to reach areas. Furthermore, long handled lotion applicators are simple to use, light in weight and can be cleaned without a great deal of effort. 

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It’s dual functioning quality, not just allowing you to easily apply skin-care items; it also offers you with an enjoyable massage at the same time. This is because of the design of the product, including a string of smooth rollerballs which smoothly massage your skin whilst evenly spreading the lotion or oil without waste. It’s the ideal product to invest on if you’ve difficulty reaching some parts of your body & wish to make sure even distribution of your skin-care products.

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Though all of you can take advantage of long handled lotion applicators but people that are experiencing arthritis, ankle pain, blister, and diabetes can make the most of this particular instrument. It is really tough for a patient with arthritis, obesity or diabetes to take care of their foot or back as they have issues with their flexibility. In this scenario, they can take better care of their difficult to reach body parts by making use of a long handle lotion applicator filled with their favorite lotion, oil or ointment. 

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The manually rotating head & lightweight telescoping handle of long reach lotion applicator lets you apply diabetic foot cream, medicated ointment & salve to the areas of your feet that is perhaps difficult to reach. With the luxury of such a device by your hand you can also treat calluses & rough skin in comfort of your living room, while giving the best care that’s required to prevent serious medical issues. Long handle back lotion applicators are also ideal to take care of your back and give it a smooth finish with your favorite sunscreen lotion or back massage oil. 

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