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Are you facing difficulty in bending down in applying lotion or oil to your foot? Order long handle foot lotion applicators from Foot Ease Applicator and see the difference.


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Want to eliminate bending down when cleaning your feet and toes? Well, we offer long handled clean between your toes sponges that are designed to clean the hard-to reach areas of your feet. Sit comfortably while you clean your feet or apply medication. Attached to the end of a 25" long waterproof plastic handle, the narrow sponge toe washer cleans between toes and scrubs the soles of your feet.

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Our long reach between the toe cleaning sponge facilitates cleaning between your toes and under your feet. Eliminates bending down when cleaning your feet and toes . It is perfect for individuals who suffer from limited range of motion. Plastic handle features brush and sponge heads for cleaning feet and sloughing away dry skin. Don’t hesitate to order our Clean between your toes reacher .

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Extending an extra-long reach, this lotion applicator helps you cleanse, moisturize and massage, without straining or twisting. Simply fill the long handled lotion applicator with lotion, sunscreen , pain relief cream, or oil, and apply to hard-to-reach areas such as back, lower neck, etc. just add your favorite lotion into it and apply it anywhere you want. Feel free to place your order with us now!

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Long reach lotion applicator from Foot Ease Applicator makes it easy to apply skin creams smoothly and evenly wherever it is needed. The easy-reach lotion applicator works with a gentle massaging action that feels soothing. An extra-long handle makes it simple to cover hard-to-reach places, such as the back, feet and ankles. It also aids to ease sore, tired muscles.

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