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values - Value system Types Components Clarification Nursing values


10/17/2011 Free template from 2 values freely chosen, enduring attitudes or beliefs about the worth of a person, object, idea, or action

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attitudes a feeling or an emotion, generally including a positive or negative judgment, toward a person, object, idea, or action 10/17/2011 Free template from 3

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10/17/2011 Free template from 4 beliefs a special class of attitudes based primarily on faith as opposed to fact

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value system the organization of a person's values in which each value is ranked along a continuum of relative importance which operates as a personal code of ethics 10/17/2011 Free template from 5

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Value set: it is the small group of values held by an individual value system organizing the set of values internally along a continuum from most important to the least important forming a value system.. It is the behaviour that is based on behaviors and choices. 10/17/2011 Free template from 6

value neutrality:

value neutrality essential to the practice of professional nursing a nurse should strive to be aware of his/her own and a patient's values and not assume that his/her own values are superior to those of a patien 10/17/2011 Free template from 7

types of values :

types of values PERSONAL VALUES a ) religious (obtains strength from religious beliefs) b) theoretical (holds truth, rationality, and empiricism in high esteem) c) political (values power) d ) economic (values usefulness and practicality) e) aesthetic (values beauty, harmony, and form) f) social (values human interactions, is kind, sympathetic, and unselfish 10/17/2011 Free template from 8


PROFESSIONAL VALUES According to Watson, 4 nsg values Strong commitment to service belief in the dignity and worth of each person Commitment to education Professional autunomy 10/17/2011 Free template from 9

values essential to the practice of professional nursing (ANA, 1976) :

values essential to the practice of professional nursing (ANA, 1976) Aesthetics (qualities of objects, events, and people that provide satisfaction) -appreciation, creativity, imagination, sensitivity -example adapting the environment so that it is pleasing to the patient 10/17/2011 Free template from 10


altruism (concern for the welfare of others) that includes patients, other nurses and health care providers - caring, commitment, compassion, generosity, perseverance eg: assisting other personnel in providing care when they are unable to do so 10/17/2011 Free template from 11


equality (having the same rights, privileges, or status) -acceptance, assertiveness, fairness, self-esteem, tolerance Eg: providing nursing care based on the individual patient's needs irrespective of his/her personal characteristics 10/17/2011 Free template from 12

Freedom/ autonomy:

Freedom/ autonomy (capacity to exercise choice)both by patients and nurses confidence, hope, independence, openness, self-direction, self-discipline Eg: honoring an individual patient's right to refuse treatment 10/17/2011 Free template from 13

human dignity:

human dignity (inherent worth and uniqueness of an individual). It is acting in accordance with an appropriate code of ethics and accepted standards of practice consideration, empathy, humanness, kindness, respectfulness, trust Eg: safeguards the patient's right to privacy 10/17/2011 Free template from 14


justice (upholding of moral, legal and humanistic principles) - courage, integrity, morality, objectivity -eg: allocates nursing care fairly Equal access to quality health care 10/17/2011 Free template from 15


truth (faithfulness to fact and reality) - accountability, authenticity, honesty, inquisitiveness, rationality, reflectiveness -eg: documenting nursing care accurately and honestly 10/17/2011 Free template from 16

clarification of values:

clarification of values a process by which people, including both nurses and patients, identify, examine, and develop their own individual values and value system One set of values may not be right for everyone 10/17/2011 Free template from 17

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Identify values retain/ change freely chosen rather than unconscious promotes personal growth by awareness, empathy and insight 10/17/2011 Free template from 18

Theory of value clarifiction – Raths, Harmin & Simon described a valuing process:

Theory of value clarifiction – Raths, Harmin & Simon described a valuing process cognitive component (choosing) Beliefs are chosen freely, without outside pressure from among alternatives after reflecting and considering consequences 10/17/2011 Free template from 19

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affective component (prizing) chosen beliefs are prized and cherished behavioral component (acting) affirmed to others incorporated into one's behavior repeated consistently in one's life Free template from 20

Nurses values:

Nurses values Nurses and nsg students- gaining awareness of personal values -on life, health, death and illness Strategy - Consider one’s attitude about specific issues 10/17/2011 Free template from 21

Values clarification:

Values clarification Clarifying Nurse’s values Client’s values 10/17/2011 Free template from 22

Client values:

Client values Conflicting or unclear values -ignoring health professionals advice -numerous admissions to health agency for the same problem Confusion or uncertainity 10/17/2011 Free template from 23

Process of value clarification:

Process of value clarification list alternatives Examine possible consequences of choices Choose freely Feel good about the choice 10/17/2011 Free template from 24

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affirm the choice act on the choice Act with a pattern 10/17/2011 Free template from 25

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