4 Ways of Roof Water Damage Restoration Riverside


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PL Builders & Restoration provides 4 ways of Roof Water Damage Restoration at Riverside CA. By following these steps you can easily tracked down the leak, replace damaged shingles or shakes, patch tears in flat roll roofing, or seal any joint gaps. While many fixes are relatively simple, it’s best to call Ceiling Leak Repair and Restoration service provider company at Riverside CA. If you need emergency water damage restoration, cleanup and repair services at San Riverside CA then feel free to call us at 951-228-0733 or visit us at https://plrestoration.com/riverside/emergency-water-damage-restoration/


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4 Ways of Roof Water Damage Restoration Below we listed a ways of roof water damage restoration: 1 st Way: Fixing Asphalt Shingles • Check for roof damage above water marks on the ceiling • Inspect your roof for widespread wear and tear • Straighten and reattach curled shingles • Repair a clean crack with roof sealant. • Replace broken or missing shingles 2 nd Way: Repairing Damaged Roll Roofing • Look for cracks or blisters in the roofing material • Cut any blisters or bubbles to release air and water • Spread a generous amount of roofing cement under the split • Replace the roofing substrate if necessary • Cover the repaired area with a patch of roll roofing • Add a final layer of roofing cement for a watertight patch Prepared By: PL Restoration Builders

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4 Ways of Roof Water Damage Restoration 3 rd Way: Replacing Damaged Wood Shakes • Inspect your roof for signs of damage • Split damaged shakes with a hammer and chisel • Use a hacksaw to cut off the nails that secured the broken shake • Cut a new shake to fit into the gap • Slide in the new shake and secure it with 2 galvanized nails • Seal any exposed nail heads with roofing cement 4 th Way: Sealing Leaky Joints • Inspect areas where surfaces join such as at a chimney or valley • Apply roof sealant or cement to gaps less than 1⁄4 in 0.64 cm wide • Repair rusted or loose flashing at a joint • Replace large areas of failing flashing if necessary Prepared By: PL Restoration Builders

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If you have not time to do roof water damage repair at your residential and commercial places then contact PL Restoration Builders an expert water damage restoration company at Riverside Moreno Valley Beaumont Hemet Menifee Yucaipa CA and surrounding areas Then look no further contact PL Restoration Builders. Prepared By: PL Restoration Builders

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About PL Restoration Builders PL Restoration Builders is the fire and water damage restoration company you can count on for all of your emergency damage restoration services in San Jacinto CA and surrounding areas. All Services are listed below: i. Water Damage ii. Fire Damage iii. Board Ups iv. Property Damage Restoration We provide 24/7/365 days emergency damage restoration services. Prepared By: PL Restoration Builders

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Services Areas of PL Restoration Builders We serve many areas at CA. All the places are listed below: Prepared By: PL Restoration Builders • Beaumont • Corona • Hemet • Lake Elsinore • Menifee • Moreno Valley • Murrieta • Perris • Riverside • San Bernardino • San Jacinto • Temecula • Yucaipa

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 Contact PL Restoration Builders Website: https://plrestoration.com Email: prestonplbuilders.us Phone Number: +1 951-228-0733 Address: 1351 S. State St. San Jacinto CA 92583 Prepared By: PL Restoration Builders

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