ICT Provisions in Schools

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ICT Provisions in Maltese Schools : 

ICT Provisions in Maltese Schools

TimelineICT in schoolsAccording to Lisbon objectives and the Maltese Educational Provision : 

TimelineICT in schoolsAccording to Lisbon objectives and the Maltese Educational Provision 2 1994Computer Laboratories in all Secondary Schools: EU 2nd Protocol. 1996A gradual phasing in of ICT Equipment in all Primary Classrooms starting from Year 1:VCR, Monitor, Laptop for each teacher, 4 Multimedia PC’s in each classroom. Introduction of formal ICT syllabus in Secondary Schools 1997Use of Logo, Cabri, Derive and MS Excel as part of the Maths syllabus in Secondary Schools. 2000Introduction of Broadband Internet connectivity. 2002Computer Studies introduced as an Option in Form 3. 2004All Students study ICT Applications leading to the ECDL certification. All schools connected to broadband Internet

CurrentSituation : 

CurrentSituation 3 ECDL is the certification that our students are being prepared for. On its own, it imparts a good set of ICT skills but it does not necessarily promote ICT Literacy. Unfortunately the ECDL syllabus does not leave much space to anything else during the ONE hour per week ICT lesson.

Managing computer facilities : 

Managing computer facilities Basic rules and procedures

Slide 5: 

Saving and accessing resources: Drives: Shared drives (normally G preferably L drive) Access of websites Filtering for students. Teacher access to filtered websites. To unfilter a website: https://mail.gov.mt/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://sitereview.bluecoat.com/sitereview.jsp?referrer=136 Basic rules and procedures

Logistics : 

Logistics Awareness of Lab timetable ICT lessons and lab availability

How to deal with problem situations : 

How to deal with problem situations If internet fails? Plan A & B Faulty PCs- Report faulty PCs to technician [if available] Identify available technical support Report abuse on personal data Lab rules No eating in lab Bags not near PC –usually near whiteboard or in lockers if available.

Methodology : 

Methodology Long topic intros in class Very short intro in lab Use pre-designed tasks Students not to clutter around PC During explanations monitors should be off Monitor students during task execution Consider methods of assessing session Closing down procedure

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